• 2018 : PhD in Marketing University of Nottingham Ningbo
  • 2012 : Msc in International Business - University of Nottingham - Ningbo

Teaching Experience

  • Since 2018 : Professor of Marketing Toulouse Business School Toulouse
  • From 2015 to 2017 : Teaching Assistant in Marketing - University of Nottingham - Ningbo
    • YUAN, R., Y. CHEN, T. MANDLER, "It takes two to tango: The role of interactivity in enhancing customer engagement on sharing economy platforms", Journal of Business Research, 2024, vol. 178 [fnege: 2, abs: 3]

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    • BARBAROSSA, C., Y. CHEN, S. ROMANI, D. KORSCHUN, "Not all CSR initiatives are perceived equal: The influence of CSR domains and focal moralities on consumer responses to the company and the cause", Journal of Cleaner Production, 2022 [fnege: 2, abs: 2]

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    • CHEN, Y., T. MANDLER, L. MEYER-WAARDEN, "Three decades of research on loyalty programs: A literature review and future research agenda", Journal of Business Research, 2021, vol. 124, pp. 179-197 [cnrs: 2, fnege: 2, abs: 3]

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    • CHEN, Y., D. C. MOOSMAYER, "When Guilt is Not Enough: Interdependent Self-Construal as Moderator of the Relationship Between Guilt and Ethical Consumption in a Confucian Context", Journal of Business Ethics, 2020, vol. 161, no. 3, pp. 551-572 [cnrs: 2, fnege: 1, ft, abs: 3]

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    • MOOSMAYER, D. C., Y. CHEN, S. M. DAVIS, "Deeds Not Words: A Cosmopolitan Perspective on the Influences of Corporate Sustainability and NGO Engagement on the Adoption of Sustainable Products in China", Journal of Business Ethics, 2017, vol. 158, pp. 135–154 [cnrs: 2, fnege: 2, ft, abs: 3]

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    • CHEN, Y., R. YUAN, T. MANDLER, "Better together: the role of interactivity in engaging sharing economy platform users" in GAMMA Global Marketing Conference, july, 2023, Seoul, South Korea

    • CHEN, Y., C. MCLAUGHLIN, "B2B relationships are not perceived equally: a cross-cultural perspective from France, Germany, the UK and Turkey" in EMAC, 2023, Odense, Denmark

    • POLYAKOVA, A., Y. CHEN, "Entitlement: conceptual domain, its role in marketing and implications for research" in AMA, 2023, online

    • POLYAKOVA, A., Y. CHEN, A. DE KEYSER, "Entitlement: conceptual domain, its role in marketing and implications for research" in Frontiers in Services, 2023, Maastricht, Netherlands (The)

    • CHEN, Y., "The influence of shame on status consumption in China: responding restoratively to fix the damaged self" in Conférence EMAC, 28-31 mai, 2019, Hambourg

    • YUAN, R., Y. CHEN, "Sustainable Marketing in China—the Case of Monmilk" in Social and Sustainability Marketing., Ed., Routledge, chap. 22, pp. 575-596, 2022

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    • International Marketing
    • Communication
    • Research Methods
    • Ethical Marketing
    • Status Marketing and Luxury Consumption
    • Marketing Strategy and Emotion Appeals
    • Consumer Psychology and Social and Environmental Values during Consumption

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