You are decided to study in France and are thinking of moving to Toulouse?

Then you’re in the right place – here is some information about this beautiful city that might be useful to you.

Located in the south of France, Toulouse is the capital of the Occitanie region and the fourth-largest city in the country. Known as the “Ville Rose” (Pink City), Toulouse is famous for its distinctive red bricks and terracotta roofs.

The historic center of Toulouse is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its architecture, which includes the Basilica of St. Sernin, the Church of the Jacobins, and the Capitole de Toulouse. The city also has a thriving cultural scene, with many museums and theaters.

It is also an active city that attracts a large number of students to its schools and universities. Its economy is mainly based on aerospace, defense, electronics, information technology, and biotechnology.


3 Reasons to study in Toulouse


Toulouse is a lively city located in the southwest of France. It is known for its vibrant student population and its rich culture. As the home of several universities, Toulouse is an ideal destination for students from all over the world. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider studying in Toulouse:

    1. One of the biggest attractions of Toulouse is its university system. With multiple higher education institutions like TBS Education, Toulouse has a lot to offer students. There are both public and private institutions, offering a variety of programs to suit all interests and budgets. In addition, many of the universities in Toulouse have partnerships with foreign universities, making it easy for students to study abroad.
    2. Another advantage of studying in this city is its location. Toulouse is situated in the heart of France, making it easy to travel to other parts of the country. Paris, Lyon, and Marseille are all within easy reach by train or plane. This makes it easy to explore all the things that France has to offer while still being able to return to your studies in Toulouse. Speaking of location, Toulouse is also home to a large number of businesses and organizations, making it a great place to network and build professional connections.
    3. Finally, Toulouse is simply a great place to live. The city has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of activities to keep students occupied. There are also a number of parks and green spaces, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking for an exciting place to study or simply want to enjoy all that France has to offer, Toulouse should be at the top of your list.

Pocket guide to Toulouse

Currency: Euro 

Spoken languages: French / English

Available transportation: Bus / Metro / Tramway / Bicycle

Airport: Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Climate: Enjoy a temperate climate in this area, with warm summers to bask under the sun and mild winters that provide just enough cool air. The temperature is pleasant year-round, averaging 15°C annually.

Best places to explore: Basilique Saint-Sernin / Capitole de Toulouse / quays of the Garonne…

Is Toulouse an expensive city to live in?

Despite its popularity with tourists, Toulouse is actually quite affordable to live in. Compared to other French cities of this size, rent prices are relatively reasonable, and there are many budget-friendly restaurants and cafes to choose from. 

Transportation costs are also fairly low, thanks to an extensive network of buses and trams

Of course, like any city, there are certain areas that are more expensive than others. If you’re looking to save money, it’s best to avoid the downtown area and instead opt for a more affordable neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. 

With a little bit of planning, it’s possible to live both comfortably and affordably in Toulouse.


If you’re planning on moving to Toulouse, here are a few tips to help you save money:

 Shop at local markets for fresh produce and other groceries;

– Avoid dining out at restaurants and cafes;

– Walk or bike instead of taking public transportation;

– If you want to find a cheaper apartment, try looking outside of the city center;

– Check for financial aids (like the CROUS).


By following these tips, you can enjoy all that Toulouse has to offer without breaking the bank.

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Housing in Toulouse

View of the city of Toulouse by night

International students studying in Toulouse have a wide range of housing options to choose from. 

There are several student residence halls located near the university campus, as well as a number of private apartments and houses that are available for rent. 

Many students opt to live in a student residence hall, as they offer a convenient and cost-effective option for housing. Residence halls typically include a kitchen, laundry facilities, and common areas for studying and socializing. In addition, most residence halls have staff members who can provide assistance with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

If you are looking for more independence, then renting a private apartment or house may be a better option for you. There are several websites that list available rentals, and many landlords are willing to work with international students. 

The CROUS of Toulouse keeps about 28% of housing in university residences aside for its international students. Campus France also has an important role to play when it comes time for students from all over Europe or abroad looking at university accommodations.

Toulouse is an ideal destination for students on a tight budget. For example, a 24m² apartment would cost approximately 469€ compared to 550€ in Bordeaux, or 950€ in Paris.

Funding your studies in France

If you are an international student, you will have different options available to you in terms of funding your studies.


  • The first option consists of being granted a scholarship from your home country;
  • Secondly, you could also be awarded a subvention from the French university you will attend;
  • Non-EU students also have the right to work in France as long as they have social security, health coverage, and a residence permit;
  • Lastly, specific oranizations can provide some subsidies to students who do not have the required financial resources.

For more information you can check the full list of possibilities on the France Diplomatie website. See how to finance your studies here.

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