Choosing the right institution for higher education is a pivotal decision in one’s academic and professional journey. That is the reason why at TBS Education, we believe that an informed choice comes from understanding the full spectrum of what an institution offers.

From our deeply rooted history and robust academic programs to global exposure and a hands-on learning experience, our school offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to business education.
Furthermore, our vibrant community and campus life, enriched by a vast global alumni network and numerous student clubs, ensures a well-rounded experience that goes beyond the classroom.

In the following article you’ll discover the multitude of reasons that set TBS Education apart and make it the ideal choice for aspiring business professionals.


1. History and heritage of TBS Education

Embarking on a journey through the corridors of TBS Education is like stepping back over a century of academic excellence and innovation.
Established more than 120 years ago, we have witnessed and actively participated in the ebb and flow of the business world. Our resilience is evident: through wars, economic downturns, and significant global shifts, we haven’t merely weathered the storms – we’ve thrived, adapted, and expanded.

From humble beginnings, we have evolved into a global educational french business school. Today, our influence extends beyond our original campus of Toulouse, with multiple locations worldwide and affiliations with some of the most esteemed academic institutions. And it’s not just about numbers, although training over 55,000 alumni, many of whom now hold leadership positions in prominent global companies, is undoubtedly a significant achievement.

Our heritage speaks volumes, but it’s not just about our storied past. It’s about the commitment and passion we’ve shown consistently throughout our history, ensuring that every student receives an education that stands the test of time.
The enduring legacy of TBS Education stands as a testament to our dedication, adaptability, and unwavering drive to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

2. World-class academic programs

Our school isn’t just defined by its rich heritage; it’s our commitment to the future that truly sets us apart. At the heart of this pledge is our portfolio of world-class academic programs, meticulously designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

A triply accredited business school
We have been consistently recognized and accredited by global educational bodies, a reflection of our stringent quality standards. Our faculty, a blend of seasoned academics and industry practitioners, bring to the classroom a potent mix of theoretical wisdom and real-world insights. This ensures that our students receive an education that is both relevant and practical.

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Moreover, our research centers are continually pushing the boundaries of knowledge, with numerous publications in esteemed journals each year.

Our curriculum isn’t static; it evolves by drawing from these cutting-edge studies, ensuring students are always learning at the frontier of business thought.

Collaboration is key to our teaching methodology
We’ve forged relationships with industry giants, allowing our students to work on live projects, witness business mechanics firsthand, and receive mentorship from industry veterans. Such engagements not only offer our students an unparalleled learning experience but also put them on the radar of potential employers.

3. Global exposure and opportunities

When we speak of global exposure at TBS Education, we mean an immersive, comprehensive, and transformative experience that equips our students with the skills and perspectives they need to navigate and excel in the intricate maze of global business.

In an age of interconnected economies and borderless businesses, we recognize the immense value of global exposure for our students. Our commitment to fostering a truly international perspective goes well beyond mere words.

Our presence in multiple continents is a testament to this commitment. With campuses located in strategic business hubs, our students gain first-hand exposure to various economic ecosystems, enhancing their adaptability and global market understanding.
It’s not just about learning different business practices; it’s about experiencing diverse cultures, thought processes, and ways of life.

In addition, our strategic partnerships with 245 universities worldwide pave the way for numerous exchange programs. Every year, a significant portion of our students embark on these opportunities, immersing themselves in foreign academic environments and gaining a deeper appreciation of global business dynamics.


4. Hands-on learning experience

portrait of proud business people and partner

We firmly believe that knowledge truly comes alive when applied.
The intricacies of the business world aren’t just found in textbooks or lectures; they’re encountered in real-world scenarios and challenges.

Our dedication to providing students with practical, hands-on experiences sets us apart and ensures that they graduate not just with a degree, but with a wealth of applicable skills.

Prepared for real-world business challenges

Each year, TBS Education proudly collaborates with over 100 companies across various sectors. These collaborations or partnerships often culminate in live business projects where students get the chance to tackle actual challenges faced by these organizations.

Whether it’s devising a new marketing strategy for a start-up or analyzing financial data for a multinational corporation, our students are routinely placed in the thick of genuine business dilemmas. Such endeavors not only sharpen their problem-solving skills but also provide them a tangible understanding of theoretical concepts.

Internships and placements

Internships are an integral component of our academic structure. With a dedicated placement cell that maintains strong ties with leading corporations, we ensure that our students have ample opportunities to gain industry experience.

In fact, over 90% of our students secure internships by their penultimate year, a figure we take immense pride in. These internships often transition into full-time job offers, reflecting the high regard employers have for the practical skills and professionalism our students exhibit.


5. Community and campus life

Beyond the classroom walls of TBS Education lies a vibrant community that thrives on collaboration, diversity, and a shared passion for excellence. Our campus life, brimming with activities and opportunities, ensures that our students’ journeys are not just academically enriching but personally fulfilling as well.

Global alumni network

One of the true strengths of TBS Education is our vast and active alumni network, which spans across continents and industries.
Comprising over 55,000 members, our alumni community regularly engages with the school, offering mentorship, workshops, and even recruiting opportunities for current students.

Such a network doesn’t just represent past success; it’s a living, evolving testament to the lasting impact TBS Education has on its graduates. Many of our alumni hold pivotal roles in prestigious organizations worldwide, and their willingness to give back enriches the learning and growth prospects for our current student body.

Student clubs and organizations

Life at TBS Education is dynamic, thanks in large part to our plethora of student-led clubs and organizations. Currently, our campus boasts over 30 such groups, catering to a diverse range of interests – from entrepreneurship and tech to arts and community service. These clubs provide students with platforms to pursue their passions, develop leadership skills, and create lasting memories. For instance, our annual “Business Fest” organized by the student council has grown to attract participants from business schools globally, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition.

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