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TBS Education Summer School is not all about academics! Getting up close and personal with companies and business professionals in various industries are an essential element to the TBS Education Summer School experience. This year, participants of the Summer School got the chance to visit the world’s largest airliner manufacturer, Airbus, and check out the final assembly line while learning about this iconic French company that has dominated the skies for decades.

Next on the list was a comprehensive visit of IoT Valley. Here, students learned about the flourishing ecosystem created for and by seasoned entrepreneurs and budding start-ups. Students got the chance to meet start-uppers and get first-hand account of their experience and learn about what it takes to turn promising ideas into profitable realities.
First up was Stéphane LOISEAU, TBS Education alumni & founder of Owley, a company providing turnkey solutions for clients to recover people (search and rescue missions) or track lost and stolen assets in any situation.
The second startupper students met with was Guillaume DUVEAU, CTO of Doorinsider, an online marketplace helping real estate agencies to implement 3D solutions and integrate the latest technologies to enhance customers’ experience.

In addition to company visits, students also had the opportunity to learn about other industries, through Expert Talks. Here, experts in various fields came to TBS Education to share and impart their industry knowledge and personal stories of how they were able to make it in their fields. Entrepreneurs, such as Jehan DE WOILLEMONT, eighth generation wine maker from Chateau de Marmorières, not only shared his know-how of the wine industry, but also provided tastings for students of some of his most prized bottles.
Additionally, our students were also treated to a visit to the Ernest Wallon Stadium of the iconic Stade Toulousain rugby team here in Toulouse. After the visit, students took part in an Expert Talk with Frédérique DELAGE, senior strategy and digital expert in the Sports and Entertainment industries who focused on international sports event management including the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024.

TBS Education is grateful for its vast and inspiring network of companies that provide the opportunity for our students to experience real-world knowledge and insights into the business world; a cornerstone for our students’ professional and personal development.  

Airbus Visit Summer School 2022