The partnership agreement between the two establishments was signed on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, on the TBS Education campus. This agreement, renewed for the 3rd time, illustrates not only the strength of our partnership, but also our mutual commitment to academic excellence.

Long-term bonds between the two schools

The renewal of the partnership agreement between TBS Education and ICT represents a key milestone in the relationship between our two establishments. This is the third time the agreement has been renewed, testifying to the strong ties built up over the years and the shared ambition to continue the partnership. This partnership demonstrates a deep commitment to developing new projects and initiatives together.

A prep school/management school continuum

One of the special features of this collaboration is its illustration of the Prep school/Management School continuum. For the Grande École Program students, especially those from literary studies, this agreement offersa unique opportunity. During their time at TBS Education, our students can follow specialized courses in applied foreign languages, philosophy or cultural project management at the ICT.

This diversification of career paths is a real strength, enabling students to develop distinctive skills. This is just one of the 100 double degree options available to students on the TBS Education Grande Ecole Program, enabling them to build a profile and a career path adapted to their needs.

A multi-program approach

Another key feature of this partnership is its multi-program approach. While students in TBS Education’s Grande École Program have the option of enrolling in bachelor’s degrees offered by the ICT, ICT students can simultaneously obtain the Bachelor in Management degree from TBS Education. This approach encourages rich teaching and offers students great flexibility in building their academic careers.

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