At the age of 38, Patricia Bournet recently took up her position as the head of the Toulouse Business School Bachelor program, which is acknowledged as one of the best in France. Her mission will notably involve:

  • managing the program for the entire group (educational content, accreditations, promotion, recruitment, etc.), 
  • maintaining the leading position of the TBS Bachelor program,
  • pursuing the recruitment of international students by drawing on the strengths of the TBS campuses: Toulouse, Barcelona and Casablanca.

In the medium to long term, she will develop dual-diploma courses with Toulouse Business School’s international partners.

Patricia Bournet’s international profile and extensive knowledge of the School were deciding factors behind her appointment as Head of the Bachelor program. Patricia was born in Morocco and studied there until the Baccalaureate. She then came to France where she completed the Bachelor and then the Grande École (Master in Management) program at Toulouse Business School. She studied on the TBS campuses in Toulouse and Barcelona.

Her career brought her back to Toulouse Business School in 2013. At that time she was recruited to help develop the Casablanca campus, where she notably managed the biggest program – the Master of Science in Marketing, Management and Communication (M2C) – and set up services such as the Career Starter and the international mobility support scheme.
Prior to this, Patricia Bournet spent more than 11 years in the automotive industry (at Citroën and Toyota-Lexus), where she developed a multi-site management culture, a good understanding of business and tele-working, as well as a strong sense of service and customer satisfaction.

“I am delighted to be taking charge of the TBS Bachelor program. Firstly, because I myself graduated from the course and feel this is a great way to give something back to the School. And secondly, because promoting this flagship TBS program in France and abroad, while maintaining the high level of quality, is a truly motivating challenge”, says Patricia BOURNET, Director of the Bachelor Program at Toulouse Business School

“Having gone through a reorganization phase aimed at improving efficiency, we wanted to pursue the international development of what is broadly acknowledged as being a fantastic Bachelor program. With her experience and energy, Patricia Bournet was the best candidate to take things to the next level”, said François BONVALET, Dean of Toulouse Business School

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