Holding a PhD in the sciences of management, organisation and decision-making (HEC Paris), and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship (Skema Business School), Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous has a solid track record as a university lecturer and educational manager.

She began her career at HEC Paris, where she spent 15 years teaching leadership and political intelligence for managers on the Executive Education degrees, while also designing and directing the academic and educational elements of several courses for company directors and managers.
While working as a lecturer at the Institute for Political Science (SciencesPo) in Paris, she was also associate professor at the NEOMA Business School where she was head of the department of “Hommes et organisations” (People and Organisations). In addition, she is a business consultant and coach specialising in governance, reorganisation and managerial excellence.

Her academic activities have included creating innovative pedagogical methods which have received widespread recognition, including the Excellence and Innovation Award in teaching from NEOMA BS (2016), second prize CIDEGEF-FNEGE for pedagogical innovation (2011) and First Prize for Pedagogical Innovation from RMS (2010).

Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous’ research interests focus on political intelligence for managers, leadership and tools for leadership training, transversal management and change management. She has published two books: “Sharpen your political acumen in business” (“Aiguisez votre sens politique en entreprise”) (2015) and “Situational Intelligence” (‘L’intelligence situationnelle”) (2017).

Key objectives within Toulouse Business School:

Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous has been entrusted with the strategic direction of TBS’s national and international activities relating to the Specialised Masters and the Masters of Science. She will be responsible for the profiling and organisation of in-house talent with a view to boosting its development and will be investing in the quality control of degree programs and the innovative teaching practices which they will channel.

“ I have been impressed by the quality of the Masters’ degrees at Toulouse Business School. The levels of satisfaction and post-degree employment for graduates of the MS and MSc programs are exceptional. I think that, in the first instance, the imperative is not so much to do things, but to let people know what we do. This school has everything it takes to become the first choice for students in France and overseas, and I will be investing all my efforts in achieving this ambition. »
Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous, MS/MSc Program Director, TBS.

“I am delighted that Annabel-Mauve has taken up the post of director of TBS’s MS/MSc degree programs. Her academic credentials and her expertise in the design and development of degree programs are key assets which will allow TBS to go on offering high-level training which meets the needs of business.”
François Bonvalet, Director General of TBS.

Annabel-Mauve Bonnefous’ career highlights:

  • 2012 – 2018: Educational director, HEC Paris Executive Education
  • 2016 – 2017: Head of the department of “People and Organisations” (Hommes et organisation), NEOMA BS
  • 2008 – 2018: Permanent lecturer in Leadership, Management and CSR, NEOMA BS
  • 2003 – 2018: Head of teaching for Management, Leadership and change management, HEC Paris
  • 2014 – 2018: President of BOAZ Consulting (BOAZ Conseil), coaching, consulting and training in political games, governance, and company reorganisation
  • 2005 – 2008: Vice president of HUMAKA, an NGO specialising in education for Pygmy communities in the Congo
  • 2002 – 2003: Head of collections, Clockwise Fashion (India)

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