stephanie lavigne tbs education dean

Make 2022 an inspiring and responsible year

In a complex and uncertain world, we believe that putting people and education at the center of our vision remains, more than ever, our priority in order to meet the challenges of business and society.

For inclusive education driven by excellent training, cutting-edge research, and committed entrepreneurship, TBS Education develops impactful projects every day to serve the well-being of its learners.

In this new year 2022, let’s join together in a unified movement where each individual contributes to a more sustainable society.

May 2022 be an inspiring, compassionate and responsible year.

All of the TBS Education teams join me in wishing you the best for the year.


Stéphanie Lavigne

Dean & General Director of TBS Education

In 2022: Knock on wood

With this greeting card, TBS Education illustrates its transformation into a Business for Good.

The objective is to train managers who are aware of the social, societal and environmental issues of the sector in which they will be working.

At the end of their training, our graduates will have developed the skills necessary to support the transformation of companies and organizations both in complex decision-making and in piloting and management.

tbs education wishes 2022 knock on wood

A card made from wood
from sustainable forests

In partnership with a responsible local brand:
knock on wood

Sustainable forest management involves the use of woodlands in a way and to such an intensity that they maintain their biological diversity, productivity and regenerative capacity. This form of management applies to the present but also takes into account the future, in the ecological, economic and social dimension at the local, national and global levels of forests.

TBS Education is committed

The training courses that will give you opportunities in 2022