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From 22 Nov to 8 Dec 2021

Every year, the International Study Abroad Fair is gathering TBS students to raise their awaireness about the opportunity to pursue their studies with a thrilling experience abroad thanks to a double degree and/or an exchange for example.

During this event, TBS Education is giving its students the chance to meet with Partner Universities and learn about the wide range of international opportunities offered by our Business School.

International Study Abroad Fair program

This event is available to TBS Students only.

Undergraduate Kick-Off

Monday 22nd November

The TBS International Relations and Development team will kick-off the two-week campaign by providing pertinent information to the Bachelor in Management 1 students. This kick-off is mandatory for them, and students will receive information about the modalities of going abroad, financial opportunities and learn about our Flash Expat series which prepares young students for an international exchange experience.  

  • Monday, 22 November : 8:30am – 10:00am (FRENCH)
  • Monday, 22 November : 10:00am – 11:30am (ENGLISH)

Location: Entiore campus Toulouse, Grand Amphithéâtre.

TBS Student from Barcelona and Casablanca can join us via Zoom. Attendance to the kick-off session is mandatory for all B1 students.

Online forum (live from Zoom)

From 22nd to 26th November

To register to the University Partner Live Zoom sessions TBS students are invited to click below!

Meet the Americas

University partners from South America, North America and Central America will engage with our students.





United States

Engage with Asia

Partner institutions from Asia will hold a presentation for our students via Zoom.




Explore Europe & Africa

European & African Higher Education partners will present their institutions and the opportunities they offer to our students.









United Kingdom



*Some partners receive students from both the graduate and undergraduate level. Master in Management and Bachelor in Management students are encouraged to sign up for these live sessions.

Level-up with our Graduate University Partners & Student Forum

2nd December & 8th December

Special Graduate University Partners will be present for our Master Students live from Zoom. Confirmed countries include: HONG KONG, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, GREECE, MEXICO, PERU & UNITED STATES.

Detailed program will be sent to graduate students in a sperate email.

“We are a group of five students for a TBS ATC (L3) project. Our goal is to promote international programs through university exchanges and TBS’ partner universities (PU) to students going abroad next year.  

We are organizing the Study Abroad Student Forum: a forum for students BY students and FOR students, during which international students at TBS and returning TBS students will be present. stands to answer to your questions regarding the exchange programs in their home institutions. Stands will be dedicated to each country.”

Student Forum

8th December

As a part of the SMART International workshop, students are invited to a student organized forum to provide peer-to-peer advice and guidance. We look forward to seeing you there!

The forum will take place on December 8 from 11:30 am to 2 pm in the ‘Rue’ / 1st floor corridor of Lascrosses Building (Downtown campus)

A round table conference will take place from 2-6pm. They will treat 3 different themes :  

– Culture shock  

– Differences between the educational systems

– Memories of your PU, either as an international student or as a student in a foreign country. 

Each conference will last 45-60 minutes (depending on the number of speakers).

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