TBS Education is delighted to announce its ambitious real estate project in Toulouse. This strategic plan, unanimously approved by the Board of Directors in December 2023, provides for a major overhaul of the Entiore and Lascrosses campuses, symbolising a significant transformation for our school.

A responsible and innovative project focused on the student experience

Following the suspension of the initial project to build the Compans-Caffarelli campus, TBS Education has reassessed its real estate options. The new project aims to be both responsible and innovative, seeking to consolidate activities in two emblematic buildings: Entiore and Lascrosses. This consolidation aims to strengthen the cohesion of the training courses, encourage collaboration and reduce operating costs.

The project also aims to increase intake capacity to meet growing student demand, while diversifying the school’s activities. Innovation in the design of the spaces, incorporating educational well-being, is at the heart of this initiative.

Pierre Hurstel, Chairman of TBS Education, said: “The unanimous decision of our Board of Directors reflects our collective commitment to a sustainable vision for TBS Education. By redefining our campus project, we are reaffirming our societal mission and our determination to provide a first-class educational environment.

Key dates and outlook

At the heart of this transformation, the Entiore campus in Quint-Fonsegrives is about to undergo an expansion, seeing its surface area double from 10,500 m2 to more than 20,000 m2, with an ambitious vision of potentially eventually reaching 30,000 m2. The available 10 hectares of land around the current Entiore buildings will be redeveloped to accommodate sports activities, shared gardens and outdoor spaces dedicated to events. This campus is destined to become the heart of the school’s activity. In addition, the creation of a student residence and accommodation for staff is currently being evaluated with the Toulouse Haute-Garonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

2024 marks the launch of this innovative project, with a call for tenders for project management assistance. Final handover is expected in 2028, marking the completion of an ambitious project and the start of a new chapter for TBS Education.

In a joint initiative to shape the future of education and industry, TBS Education and the APEM group have announced the launch of a chair dedicated to Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The 3-year agreement was signed in the presence of Stéphanie Lavigne, Managing Director of TBS Education, Thomas Henin, Group Marketing Director of APEM and Kevin Carillo, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analysis and Programme Director of the Master of Science Big Data, Marketing & Management at TBS Education.


This partnership is a pillar of innovation and of preparing students for today’s economic challenges.

Stéphanie Lavigne, Managing Director of TBS Education, underlined the school’s commitment to innovation and to preparing students for today’s economic challenges. This collaboration with APEM consolidates the integration of technological advances into the school’s educational programme, offering students an immersive experience that is relevant to their future professional careers.

This chair is the result of the convergence of APEM’s objectives in data processing and TBS Education’s expertise in this crucial field. The partnership provides for a number of mechanisms to support APEM’s innovation, including the contribution of Master’s students on practical cases proposed by the company.


Founded in 1952, APEM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of human-machine interfaces (HMI), offering a diverse range of products for demanding markets such as instrumentation, industrial automation, aeronautics and defence.

For its part, TBS Education, through its center of excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, has positioned itself as a pioneer in these fields. Since 2013, the school has been offering high-level courses to train future executives, ranked among the best internationally.

This partnership is in line with TBS Education’s mission as a committed management school, while APEM continues to consolidate its position as a major force in the field of HMI worldwide.

TBS Education wins prestigious Best Innovation Strategy Award 2022/23 in the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards for the project ‘The Blind Search’ developed by Dr. Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Dr. Cameron Guthrie, Guilain Praseuth and Dorothee Thibaut.

microsoftteams image 8 1

The AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2022/23, which were held on December 9, 2022 in London, brought together leading lights from the global business education community to celebrate excellence and commend achievement among business schools, MBA students and graduates, suppliers and employers.

Congratulations to the entire team that made this project possible: Dr Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Dr Cameron Guthrie, Guilain Praseuth, Dorothée Thibaut, Candice Rolland, Damien Biau, Emeric Le Meur, Céline Rodriguez, Sébastien Noguès, Anis Abdmeziem, Katia Santrisse.

The starting point

‘The Blind Search’ was inspired by the reality singing competition The Voice to engage, motivate, surprise and entertain students, as well as to celebrate their return to classrooms amid Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in France. The aim was to introduce educational entertainment (edutainment) and consider educational wellbeing in the teaching pedagogy for a research methods course (and similar theoretical courses) and make it truly student centric.

Such unconventional and unique pedagogical innovation opens new paradigms for designing and delivering courses post pandemic, creating the right balance between using digital tools and inspiration from the entertainment industry to enhance students’ classroom face-to-face learning interactions and experiences.

The team believes the spirit of this resolutely ‘Low tech’, focussing on human-interactions in the digital world, simple and transferable innovation has attracted attention. ‘The Blind Search’ project represents our schools’ pedagogical strategy: Educational Well-Being, Inclusiveness, Collaborativeness and Mission-driven Innovation for our beneficiaries.

What’s next

‘The Blind Search’ team will continue to develop and refine the project for students beyond MSc Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, in other contexts and courses beyond research methods.

The next version of ‘The Blind Search’ will have some new surprise elements (watch the space), focus on sustainability development goals, and enhance cross-departmental and programme collaboration.

Until now, digital transformation has never been so important. More and more companies are seeking to adapt to this digital change, where their transformation is vital to survive in a world that is constantly globalizing. The MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation program is born at the TBS Education campus in Barcelona.

new msx

Everything you need to launch your career in digital transformation with the new Master of Science from TBS Education.

According to Kai Bender, market leader for Germany/Austria at global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, in a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey says: “The COVID pandemic has greatly boosted transformation projects. When it became impossible to interact with customers analogically, the extension of digital services became a key issue.”

In recent years, digital transformation has become a buzzword among business leaders. According to a Gartner study, “79% of business strategists said they have digitized their businesses to generate new revenue streams.” This evidences the importance of generating new transformation initiatives, which go hand in hand with the digital change needed.

A master’s degree adapted to the Barcelona of today and tomorrow

Today Barcelona is considered a digital hub in southern Europe, largely due to the consolidated system of start-ups and the large number of events that revolve around the digital universe that the city hosts. A good example is the Mobile World Congress, which generates the interest of large corporations from various sectors seeking to open innovation centers of global impact.

Therefore, the MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation is the perfect opportunity to test in a professional way what is happening in the business sector and in turn learn to help companies to create business processes and possible new ways of adapting to technological changes. In addition, there is the opportunity to work on real cases, in collaboration with professional experts in the sector, who will guide in a more accurate way how business innovation is carried out.

The MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation program, which is taught on-site and entirely in English at the Barcelona campus of TBS Education, has Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei, professor of information systems management, as program manager.

What you should know about the new MSc

  • Full- time program
  • Location: TBS Campus in Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Language: English
  • Price: 17 000€
  • ECTS: 90
  • Start date: October 2022

TBS Education’s Inspiring Guest project is in the spotlight for its innovative approach to teaching finance. After winning the Best Session Award at the AOM Teaching and Learning Conference and the Best Innovation Strategy Award from AMBA, it has been awarded the FMA Innovation in Teaching Award!

fma inspiring guest

2021 FMA Innovation in Teaching Award

fma 1

The Financial Management Association International‘s (FMA) Innovation in Teaching Award was created to recognize inspiring educators, improve the quality and relevance of education in finance and spread successful innovative practices. This international competition is open to any educator who teaches undergraduate or graduate students in finance.

The finalists are selected by a committee based on 3 criterias:

  • Innovation
  • Broad transferability of the teaching technique in terms of resources and instructor skills/connections
  • Measurable impact on students, institutions of higher education, and the finance profession

David Stolin, co-founder of TBS Education’s Inspiring Guest program with Elie Gray, received the 1st prize for their project “Teaching finance through short humorous videos made in collaboration with a comedian”.

Injecting humor into teaching finance

TBS Education is constantly exploring unconventional teaching methods, favoring pedagogical innovation for the benefit of its students. The Business School offers a wide range of technics to acquire knowledge and prepare for the business world. By offering an innovative approach to teaching, we capture students’ attention, make the content more memorable and develop their agility.

The first edition of Inspiring Guest project is developed around educational videos staring the Californian comedian Sammy Obeid. Not only the stand-up comedian is the host of “100 Humans” on Netflix but he is also a UC Berkeley Math & Business graduate.

The success of this first edition exceeded the expectations of the pedagogical team. Fully satisfied with the outcome, the Business School is currently preparing a new exciting edition of TBS Inspiring Guest.

11 new professors from all over the world are joining our school.

Ireland, India, Portugal, France, the United States, Russia, Colombia, Brazil and Switzerland join the many nationalities already at TBS to support and train our students!

We are pleased to welcome this year:

  • Antonio ABRANTES, Business Law & HR Management 🇵🇹
  • Simon BELIERES, Industrial organization, logistics and technology 🇫🇷
  • Neha CHAUDHURI, Information Systems Management 🇮🇳
  • Nathalie CLAVIJO, Management Control, Accounting, Audit 🇨🇴🇫🇷
  • Shirah FOY, Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation 🇺🇸
  • Yacine OUAZZANI, Marketing 🇫🇷
  • Alexandra POLYAKOVA, Marketing 🇷🇺
  • Sean POWER, Management Control, Accounting, Audit 🇮🇪
  • Jorien Louise Pruijssers, Management Control, Accounting, Audit 🇳🇱
  • Marianne STRAUCH, Management Control, Compatibility, Audit 🇫🇷
  • Mariana BASSI SUTER, Marketing 🇧🇷🇨🇭

Welcome to Toulouse, welcome to TBS!

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