TBS upholds strong values, among which is the fight against any type of discrimination and violence. Any form of sexual or gender-based violence or harassment should be banned to make sure everyone in our school feels respected anywhere and at any time. 

Gender-based and sexual violence (GBV) can broadly be defined as words, actions, physical or non-physical behavior that target a person’s gender, gender identity or sexual orientation: sexism, harassment, sexual assault, rape, homophobia, transphobia…

This type of behavior is punishable by law. Even though it may vary in the way it is expressed, it generally includes the following characteristics: there’s no consent from the victim, and its goal or effect is to generate humiliation, express hostility, to intimidate or even to threaten the person in question. As there’s no dignity or respect in this behavior, we consider that it constitutes an obstacle to the development of skills and talents, which is the very mission of our school.

If you’re a victim or a witness of this type of behavior, please let us know:

Your message will be treated by a resource person from our school, who’s available to listen, advise, inform and guide you, without judgment and in full respect of your privacy.

Don’t isolate, talk about it !

More information

For our campuses in France

  • In case of emergency, call 17, or 112 (police and gendarmerie) or contact 114 per text message if you have a hearing disability
  • Help for women who fall victim to violence : 3919 (anonymous and free from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm)
  • LGBT Center – Arc en Ciel in Toulouse, rue d’Aubuisson Toulouse. 07 83 96 03 00
  • SOS homophobia : 0810 10 81 35
  • Le Refuge : LGBT+ support center : 06 31 59 69 50, open 24h/24.
  • Planning familial, 23 rue Moiroud – 31500 Toulouse :
  • Legal assistance : 09 69 39 00 00 from 9 am to 6 pm

No To Sexism

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