The TBS Education Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics aims to become a leading research center in France on all topics linked to artificial intelligence and data analytics. As such, the center is internationally oriented mainstreaming pedagogical innovation into the classroom, fostering academic research, and building European collaborations to maintain a transverse living lab.  

Industry connections are evident during events such as the AI Day conference, ERASMUS Days* and the annual Datathon. During these events TBS Education works alongside high-profile institutions and industrial players such as the University of Johannesburg (South Africa), University of Technology Sydney (Australia), University of Bradford (United Kingdom), University of Galway (Ireland) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Institute of Data-Driven Decisions of Esade Airbus, MIT, APEM, IBM, PwC, and Pierre Fabre, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, and CGI. 

Synergies with ERASMUS Days

During the annual ERASMUS Days 2023 campaign, a panel of experts discussed diversity and European values as drivers towards a code of corporate ethics as AI and generative technologies take on new business functions. The ecosystem that drives the Center of Excellence came to life as academics, industry experts, regulators, and watchdogs took the stage to debate the challenges that surround AI. The theme chosen by TBS Education was centered on a European approach to the AI technology which is revolutionizing the field of education, employment, work, and even legal and ethical rules right down to their development. This revolution is equal to or perhaps greater than the arrival of the internet. 

The round table brought together Martin Ulbrich, economist, expert within the European Commission in the “Development and coordination of AI policies” unit, Kevin Carillo, Head of the Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics Center of Excellence at TBS Education, Aiad Outemsaa, project manager for IBM, Blockchain expert, specialized in the financial sector and Yann Ferguson, Doctor in sociology, associate researcher at the CERTOP laboratory at Jean Jaurès University, member of GPAI, global partnership for an AI respectful of human rights and democracy, today director of Labor IA, a joint laboratory between the Ministry of Labor and INRIA to identify the effects of AI on work. 

What’s Next for AI

As AI continues to grow, academic institutions and many companies are choosing to adopt codes of conduct regarding AI. We now must ask the questions: How can we harmonize AI policies for all EU countries? What is the AI Act based on and how can we describe it? What are its main principles? Are generative AIs of the same nature and scope as other AIs, and do we end up with the same regulations? What place for women in the AI ​​sector? These topics are just some of the questions that the speakers shed light on throughout the debate, which was moderated by Valérie Ravinet, journalist specializing in AI. 

As TBS Education continues to foster and build awareness with decision makers and industry experts on regulatory measures for the future AI, the Centre of Excellence will develop its expertise in this field highlighting the impact of AI on higher education and the impact of generative artificial intelligence on students’ study paths, skills and chosen professions.  

*The ERASMUS Days campaign is a week-long celebration of the Erasmus+ program in Europe and all over the world. At TBS Education we show our support of international education, training youth and sport by organizing corporate events, student-led social gatherings, and staff workshops.   

During the ERASMUS Days the EU’s flagship program provides the ideal environment to promote mobility, reinforce the importance of inclusive international education models, bring together the entire student body and showcase strong European collaborations such as partnerships with the Center of Excellence and our engagement in other projects such as the UNIVERSEH project, European Space University for Earth, and Humanity.