TBS is proud to be among the 10 finalists of the NATO Innovation Challenge thanks to a collaborative project between TBS Professor Roxana OLOGEANU-TADDEI & Professor Julien MEYER from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

The 2020 NATO Innovation Challenge

The TBS-Ryerson team conquered a place in the finals among other high-profile participants, such as Thales, General Dynamics, ZDT,… a clear recognition of their expertise in artificial intelligence.

The purpose of the NATO Innovation Challenge is to tap into the minds of innovative people and teams to find more effective and efficient ways for NATO, and other response organizations, to ensure security and respond to crisis situations.

For the 2020 Innovation Challenge, NATO was seeking innovative solutions, which include any combination of methodologies, concepts, techniques and technologies, in order to address how trust in autonomous systems can be established and strengthened. To address the challenge, participants had to follow the specific challenge scenario and provide an innovative solution.

Nato Innovation Challenge 1

The TBS-Ryerson Solution

An online experiment to study trust in autonomous systems

Based on the hypothesis that increasing the level of information available to operators will increase trust in order to potentially save lives, the TBS-Ryerson Team suggested to conduct an online experimental study involving 100 skilled operators. These operators would receive scenarios with varying levels of information transparency and accuracy to determine whether to rely on Artificial Intelligence or not.

The full experiment will be presented during the Pitch Day & Award Ceremony on December 10th, 2020.

Nato Innovation Challenge 1

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