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The Master of Science programs delivered by TBS Education combine both academic and scientific requirements which focus on the strong professionalization of its students.

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The objective at the end of these Master of Science degrees is to have the operational capacities to launch oneself into a profession, a field, or a specific sector of activity.

Since its foundation in 1903, TBS Education has been committed to preparing students to enter the professional world. These degrees are optimally designed to provide students with the managerial and professional skills needed to launch their future careers.

Develop high-end profile skills and become an expert in your field

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The TBS Education Master of Science Degrees

Reasons to enroll to Master of Science programs of TBS Education:

The TBS Education Master of Science degrees are optimally designed to provide students with the managerial and professional skills needed to launch their future careers.

These MSc programs are made up of five complementary learning experiences:

  1. Professional expertise: Benefit from robust training to build up and strengthen professional expertise.
  2. Soft skills certificate: Develop behavioral and relational skills and obtain a certificate of excellence in management and leadership.
  3. Consulting mission: Accomplish a consulting mission for the account of prestigious TBS Education partner companies.
  4. Master Thesis: Write a thesis on an academic or operational issue in the area of expertise.
  5. In-company work experience: Depending on the chosen MSc: long-term internship in a company (optional) or apprenticeship.


Program Calendar Msc

Program Design

This program consists of five learning experiences rigorously designed to develop your managerial and operational skills in your field of professional expertise.
Total number of hours: 450h

The MSc is a 12 month program that takes place in one of our 4 campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona or Casablanca. Most programs are taught 100% in English, but we do offer some courses in French as well.

Among our 20 MSc, 7 MSc are CGE (Conférence des Grande Écoles) accredited, a national accreditation reserved for top business schools in France. The CGE label guarantees the high quality standards of the program and allows international students to continue to work on French territory after their studies to further fine-tune their expertise. 
Here are these 7 MSc: 
MSc Aerospace Management (Toulouse, taught in English)
MSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (Toulouse, taught in English)
MSc International Business (Toulouse or Barcelona, taught in English)
MSc Banking & International Finance (Paris, taught in English)
MSc Communication & Brand Content (Toulouse, taught in English)
– MSc International Luxury Industries Management (Paris, taught in English)
MSc Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (Toulouse, taught in English)

  • Academic requirements
    • 4- year Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS) or equivalent
  • Language requirements
    • For programs taught in English: English native language or IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
    • For programs taught in French: French native language or DELF B2 or equivalent
  •  October 2023: Applications open
  •  July 2024: Applications close
  •  September 2024: Program start date

A truly International Experience

Campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona & Casablanca
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International Students
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Languages: English, French

Inspiring Testimonial

Life-changing. TBS Education made all of that possible for me"


United States of America, Arkansas

Jacob is an alumnus from the Master of Science Big Data, Marketing & Management of TBS Education.
He tells us what he likes most about Toulouse and France, how TBS Education has changed his life, the main differences between the USA and France, etc. Listen to his truly inspiring story! 

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A Master of Science degree is a graduate degree that typically requires two years of full-time study to complete. While the curriculum for a Master of Science degree can vary depending on the field of study, most programs include coursework in advanced research methods and statistics. Students also generally complete a thesis or capstone project in order to earn their degree.

This type of master can open up doors to many different career paths, as it is often seen as evidence of advanced knowledge and skills. For exemple, individuals with a Master of Science in engineering may find jobs in research and development, whereas those with a degree in biology may pursue careers in medicine or academia.

No matter what field you enter with your Master of Science degree, you are likely to find yourself well-prepared for a successful career.

France is well-renowned for its high-quality education, and a master’s program in France can be an excellent way to further your studies.

There are a number of reasons to consider pursuing a master in France, including the opportunity to learn from world-class scholars, experience French culture, and gain valuable language skills.

France is also home to some of the top universities in Europe, so you will have your pick of programs when you are ready to apply. Whether you are looking to study business, politics, technology, or science, a master’s program in France can help you reach your academic and professional goals.

A master degree is a postgraduate degree that can be earned after completing a bachelor degree.

A Master of Science (MSc) degree is a specific type of master’s degree that is typically awarded in science and technology-related fields. While the requirements for an MSc degree can vary depending on the field and the school, most programs include coursework in advanced topics as well as a research component.

Some schools also offer joint programs that allow students to earn both a bachelor and a MSc degree in five years or less. In general, MScs requires more coursework and research than a traditional master’s degree. As a result, holders of a MSc often have a stronger background in their specific field than those with a master’s degree.

In France, a master’s degree requires four semesters of study, or around 120 ECTS credits. However, some programs may require more credits, depending on the specific requirements. For exemple, students in engineering programs may be required to complete up to 300 ECTS credits.

In addition, students may need to complete a thesis or research project in order to earn their degree.

The specific requirements will vary from program to program, so it is important to check with the school you are interested in attending for more information. In general, most master’s programs in France require around 120 ECTS credits for completion.

To apply for TBS Education Master in Management, you should earn a minimum of 180 ECTS credits. 
To apply for TBS Education Master of Science programs, you should earn 240 ECTS credits or apply for our MSc preparatory program.

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