French international business magazine Le Moniteur du Commerce International (MOCI) includes no less than 7 TBS programs in the TOP 10 of best international business programs in France for 2020.

The best international business programs

International business magazine Le Moniteur du Commerce International (MOCI) is one of France’s oldest professional export magazines. The MOCI is an independent media for export and international development professionals, such as export company CEOs and managers, international business service providers (transports and logistics, financing and funding, risk management…) experts and consultants, professional organisations and networks, students, professors…

MOCI rankings especially value the professionalisation and internationalisation of undergraduates and graduates international business programs.

TBS Flagship Programs in the TOP 3

The new MOCI ranking system ranks three TBS flagship programs on top of the lists:

Masters of Science in the TOP 10

The MOCI also shines the spotlight on a selection of TBS’s international Masters of Science:

Moci 2020 Color

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