• Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, Casablanca
  • English, French
  • €36,900 for the entire 3-year period
  • Full Time

#1 Best Bachelor in France

The TBS Education Bachelor in Management program trains versatile managers with a strong international dimension and specific sectorial and managerial skills.

We take into account your strengths and ambitions to help you start your career in business, create your own company or continue your studies in the best French and international institutions. The TBS Education Bachelor in Management is ranked #1 Best Bachelors in France. It is an officially recognized French higher education degree (grade de licence).

Below you’ll find a quick overview of the program.


  • #1 Best Bachelor in France
  • TBS Education holds the triple crown of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations
  • A wide range of management specializations
  • 12 months of professional experience by the end of the program
  • International job market exposure
  • Small classes with expert professors
  • Personalized follow-up
  • Official State Diploma (grade de licence)
  • 95% of our Bachelor students are employed within 6 months after graduation


The TBS Education Bachelor in Management is a demanding undergraduate program that allows you to multiply opportunities and structural experiences to build a differentiating profile. Our professors use active pedagogy, methodology and innovative content in this hands-on program with a strong international and professional dimension. Below you’ll find an overview of what your 3 years at TBS Education will look like:


Choose a campus to start your Bachelor’s degree:


Choose a different location for your semester abroad:


Choose a campus for your specialization:


  • Candidates holding or being in the process of obtaining a non-French Higher Secondary Education Diploma
  • Additional requirements:
    • French track: French mother tongue, DELF B2 OR equivalent
    • English track: English mother tongue, IELTS 6.0 OR equivalent

If you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us:


The same fees apply to Toulouse, Casablanca and Barcelona campuses:

  • Application fee: 120€ *
  • Tuition fee: 36,900€ for the entire 3-year program

TBS Education also offers discount opportunities.

* The application fee is non refundable


  • STEP 1: Go to our application website

Choose between Toulouse , Paris, Casablanca, or Barcelona for your first year, then pick your track of choice whether it’s French, Spanish or English. Complete the rest of the online application form.

  • STEP 2: Upload the documents required
  • STEP 3: Take the online interview
  • STEP 4: Admission results will be available within two weeks.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our International admissions team.


  • 5th of October: Applications open
  • June 2024: Applications deadline
  • September 2024: Intake of the different programs

About TBS Education

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  • Yes, the qualification we deliver is official (adapted to the Bologna plan), and endorsed by the French Ministry of Education.

  • TBS has the three accreditations that business schools can earn, EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB, a triple crown that only 1% of business schools worldwide can claim to possess. In addition, the TBS Education Bachelor in Management is in the top 10 of the French rankings:

    • Number 1 in the 2022 Moniteur du Commerce International ranking of three-year Bachelor’s Degrees in international business
    • Number 3 in the 2022 L’Etudiant ranking of Bachelor’s Degrees in management in terms of quality and graduate support
    • Number 5 in the 2022 Challenges ranking of Bachelor’s Degrees in management


    TBS Education also took 50th place in the 2022 Financial Times ranking of the best European business schools.

  • It lasts for three years (180 ECTS) and not four (240 ECTS) like a Spanish degree because it follows the adaptation of the Bologna plan in France (three years – 180 ECTS) – Maîtrise (two years – 120 ECTS). In total, if you study the Bachelor’s Degree and the Master’s Degree that is five years (300 ECTS) like in Spain: Degree (four years – 240 ECTS) – Master’s Degree (1 year – 60 ECTS).

  • No, there isn’t. TBS adheres to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) standards. Wherever you study, an ECTS credit will correspond to the same amount of work for the student. 60 ECTS must be earned each year. When you complete the Bachelor program, you earn 180 ECTS.

  • No, the Bachelor is equivalent to an official university degree qualification, in this particular case, a Bachelor in Management degree. A bachillerato is equivalent to a high school qualification.

  • Not necessarily. On the Toulouse campus you can complete the entire program in French or English. On the Barcelona campus, the classes of the TBS business management degree are taught in English or Spanish during the first year, and completely in English during the second and third years. Only a few elective subjects are available solely in French in Toulouse and Casablanca.

  • Yes, the TBS Bachelor in business management degree can be studied in English on both the Toulouse and Barcelona campuses.

  • Level B2 of the common European framework of reference is required.

  • This is not necessary. During the admission tests, candidates who do not have an official certificate are required to prove their level of English proficiency through our language tests.

  • Yes, French classes are provided in Toulouse and Spanish in Barcelona as part of the business management degree.

  • Yes, TBS bachelor of business administration program includes the study of two languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Chinese).

  • No, at the beginning of the course a language test is taken and you are then assigned to a group depending on your level.

  • No, changes of itinerary by language are not permitted unless expressly recommended by the admission committee.

  • To qualify for the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree you must have completed the Bachillerato, BAC or equivalent, be under 26 years of age when the course starts, having an English proficiency corresponding to a B2 level and pass TBS admission assessment.

  • To be accepted by TBS, two main criteria are considered: a real motivation shown during the interview and a solid career project. The academic overall average of each candidate is certainly important but at TBS we are not only looking for good academic students, but also for character and potential.

  • A recorded video interview and an English test. The entirety of the student’s candidacy will be assessed.

  • You will be notified within two weeks of the assessment.

  • Yes, but you will have to pass a new admission process.

  • The whole admission process is executed remotely and online.

  • The admission test is approximately one hour. It is an oral exam.

  • The campus is selected at the start of the admission process, when the online application begins.

  • You can change campus in the 2nd year for one semester and go to another TBS campus or a Partner University. Changing campus in the 3rd year will depend on the choice of the professional itinerary you want to study.

  • No, as it is an official French degree that is not necessary, the minimum requirement is the bachillerato qualification or equivalent.

  • No, the price of the course will always be the amount stated in our fees, irrespective of the price of the host universities.

  • You can create a list with your preferences. However, the selection of places is made according to the students’ positions in the grade rankings for the first semester of the first year. The partner universities and the number of places may vary from one year to another.

  • We have collaboration agreements with companies, but students can also search for internships at companies anywhere in the world that are of interest to them. The Career Starter department is responsible for making sure that students get internships that match their professional project, but it is the student’s responsibility to find their internships as this is a learning experience. The TBS internship policy is very broad and the only restriction is that the company cannot be run by the student’s family.

  • It depends on the company. Although the school recommends companies to give students minimal compensation, it depends on the duration of the internship and the country’s legislation.

  • Yes, their corresponding credits make the internships a fundamental part of the Bachelor program, and they are evaluated as part of it. In addition, at least one internship period (in the first or second year) must be completed abroad.

  • No, TBS accepts partial payments in three instalments.

  • Yes, although this is not the aim of TBS Bachelor in Management degree, which is a practical program and very focused on the professional world. That notwithstanding, you must homologate the qualification in your corresponding country.

  • Yes, half of the graduates of TBS Bachelor in Management who decide to further their education, undertake a Master’s Degree. However, your admission will depend on the requirements of each Master’s Degree. The Bachelor is an official French qualification worth 180 ECTS and valid at an international level.