• Toulouse
  • English
  • 4,500€
  • 6 months
  • Full Time
  • January 2023

The MSc Preparatory Program helps students with a 3-year Bachelor Degree access any of our full-time Master of Science programs. Our highly-specialized MSc programs offer cutting-edge professional expertise, combining top-quality academic training with practical experience so that our students are highly employable when they enter the job market.

A preparatory semester for 3-year Bachelor graduates

At TBS, in order to gain direct access to our full-time MSc programs, students must have a 4-year Bachelor degree (240 ECTS). However, we also aim to make these highly specialized programs accessible to a number of high-potential students with a 3-year Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) who want to take their skillset to the next level. The MSc Preparatory Program allows students in this situation to make up for the remaining 60 ECTS credits and access one of our first-class MSc programs!

Students enrolled in the MSc Preparatory Program will follow classes from the second semester of the first year of the Master in Management program in Toulouse, starting in January. Out of a total of 60 options, students will choose elective courses related to the MSc program they will be joining the following September.

Please note that it is not possible to choose the MSc Preparatory Program as a stand-alone program.

  • MSc Preparatory Program start: January
  • Length of MSc Preparatory Program: 6 months
  • MSc program start: September
  • Total length (MSc Preparatory Program + MSc program): 18 months

Academic Requirements

  • 3-year Bachelor Degree (180 ECTS) or equivalent

Language Level

  • English mother tongue OR TOEFL IBT 80 / IELTS 6.5 / TOEIC 800 / CAMBRIDGE B2 / FCE / CAT 165

Fees & Funding


Fees for the MSc Preparatory Program: 4,500€ (to be added to the price of the MSc program)

The cost of this training includes:

  • All academic fees, including business visits.
  • Access to our virtual campus and all online educational resources.
  • Access to career starter services (CV workshop, business forum, etc.)
  • Access to the network of 49,000 alumni.


  • SCHOLARSHIP: TBS is entitled to receive higher education scholarship students: mobility grants, state scholarships, merit scholarships (Eiffel, Marie Curie), TBS Foundation scholarships. (contact the school). Learn more about funding opportunities.
  • STUDENT JOBS: our student associations offer paid assignments on behalf of companies or individuals throughout the year.

For more information, please contact the International Admissions Department: international.admissions@tbs-education.fr