• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: Vietnam

An LE THI HOANG – Vietnam – MSc Marketing, Management and Communication

Why did you choose TBS and the MSc Marketing, Management and Communication?

I have chosen to apply for your MSc Marketing, Management and Communication program at TBS Education because the curriculum combines both traditional and digital marketing tools as well as updates students with some of the most recent changes in marketing, such as sustainability, digitalization and internationalization.

Other than that, the program also offers company projects and case studies which gives us the opportunity to work in real business situations. Hence we develop a full marketing plan, make links with the industry and gain practical experience, that I consider exceptionally rewarding!

What did you think of the program?

My time at TBS Education has been an amazing journey for me to learn from a great mix of wonderful people from all over the world. The program director, assistants and professors who also come from different countries and diverse backgrounds have inspired us to open our mindset and expand our perspectives. Besides schoolwork, the student associations bring us all together with many activities and welcoming events. In conclusion, students will not get bored with TBS and will surely have a friendly atmosphere to learn, make new friends and grow as a person!

Where are you doing your internship and how did you find it?

I am doing my final internship at WarnerMedia, now Warner Bros Discovery as a Marketing Intern. This is such a precious opportunity for me to learn about marketing in a global context especially in the industry I love: entertainment. Since the beginning of the school year at TBS Education, the program director and assistants have been trying to give us many useful resources to search for internships, help us filter the suitable ones, improve our CVs and assist us with mock interviews. This really has helped me to be well-prepared to apply for my dream internship!

In conclusion could you express in a few words your feelings about these past few months spent with us?

I learned so much in terms of practical knowledge, soft skills and intercultural communication. Besides bringing an invaluable experience that boosts my future career, the most important thing the program brought for me, is the connection with international professors and friends. As part of TBS alumni, we are also part of an international network where we can share knowledge, sharpen skills and develop future collaboration with each other. In short, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

le thi hoang an

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