• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: China

Current position and company name: Assistant Compliance Officer, Bank of China (Luxembourg), Brussels branch, Belgium
Nationality: Chinese
Current country: Belgium (Brussels)

Why did you choose TBS and the MSc BiF?

TBS offers internationally recognized degrees and is part of the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. TBS ranks among the top business schools in France. In addition, TBS is well-connected in the industry, with valuable resources for the students. Furthermore, TBS has an extraordinary set of alumni with students all over the word, which is very attractive. I studied International Business as an undergraduate, and I always wanted to major in Finance.  After learning about the academic courses of BIF, which were very attractive to me, I applied for this programme.

What you thought about the programme (academic) and faculty who taught you

Within the programme, we had courses covering different areas, from management to law, to economics, to IT programming, to finance. What I really appreciated was the fact that TBS invites professionals from all over the world, people who are working in worldwide reputed corporations; for example: Microsoft, HSBC, Airbus and so on. They utilize their years of valuable working experience, which combines with the theoretical concepts we have learnt, showing how to do better and progress quicker, and teaching us what we cannot learn from books.

What do you think about TBS’s Toulouse campus and the support teams (academic administration, International Student Services, etc.)?

TBS campus is in the centre of Toulouse, which is near to a Japanese park that is very beautiful. TBS has an amazing support team. Any academic question you may have you can always go to the academic administration team; for any practical difficulties, International Student Services are always there for you to help you; for your CV and career planning, Career Starter Office is there to help, by assisting you in polishing up your CV and assisting all the way until the signing of my work contract.

How has the programme helped you (both in terms of what you learnt, and the qualification itself)?

I learned more than what you would learn through books, not only professional knowledge, but also the unmeasurable lessons from years of experience, help I got from everyone I’ve ever met in the process, classmates I met and who became my friends.

Would you recommend this programme to future students, and why?

I would recommend this programme to anyone who would like to have an amazing experience at TBS, the knowledge you can gain, the professors you will learn from, the services who will help you in every aspect, classmates you will meet and become friends. You must come to TBS to experience what I experienced, its far more than words can say.

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