• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: India

Manjari JAYASEELAN, India
MSc International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management Student (Paris campus), 2017

I chose Toulouse Business School as I had heard good reviews about it. I also had a friend who had studied at TBS and she told me that the faculty and quality of education was awesome.  I didn’t hesitate to choose to be a part of it.

I wanted to be a Luxury/Fashion student because, after doing English Literature, I realised I wanted to move more into this sector. I knew I couldn’t be a designer because I don’t have a base for it, so I decided to move towards the business/corporate side of the fashion and luxury industries. I just wish the course was longer, because we were enjoying it, but again I know that it is a specialised master program, so it can’t go on forever!

The program and the faculty were excellent. As I was very interested in the course, I simply loved it.

I liked TBS’s Paris campus because it was not crowded, we had our space and it was fun being a smaller group of students with a friendly ambiance.  The support staff were always there for any query or for any help with any problems.

I would definitely recommend TBS. It is a place where you can gain knowledge with great faculty and staff.

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