A study to shape tomorrow’s companies

Today’s unusual situation provides a rare opportunity to understand the different ways teleworking impacts us in times of crisis. Here at TBS, we feel it’s essential to seize the occasion and draw some valuable lessons for the future.

A large-scale international scientific survey

In a collaborative project with the University of Montréal and Laval University in Canada, TBS researchers, Kévin Carillo and Alain Klarsfeld, have designed a survey to gather your views on teleworking in today’s context of crisis. Our goal is to provide large-scale scientific results from companies across the world in order to present pertinent recommendations that are useful to tomorrow’s managers and policies. The results will be published on the TBS and TBSearch websites, as well as on the websites of our researchers.

10 minutes to share your point of view

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous. The collected information will only be used to advance knowledge.

Many thanks in advance for your participation! Please don’t hesitate to share with your personal network!

The Survey Research Team

  • Tania Saba, PhD
    Professor and Chair of the BMO Diversity & Governance, School of Industrial Relations, University of Montréal, Canada: tania.saba@umontreal.ca
  • Gaëlle Cachat-Rosset, PhD
    Postdoctoral Researcher at the BMO Chair of Diversity & Governance, School of Industrial Relations, University of Montréal, Canada. TBS 2002: gaelle.cachat-rosset@umontreal.ca
  • Josianne Marsan, PhD
    Professor and Director of the IT & Business Research Center, Department of Organizational IT, Laval University, Canada: josianne.Marsan@sio.ulaval.ca
  • Alain Klarsfeld, PhD
    Professor, Department of Business Law & Human Resource Management, TBS Education, France: a.klarsfeld@tbs-education.fr
  • Kevin Carillo, PhD
    Associate Professor in Data Science & Information Systems, Department of Information Management, TBS Education, France: k.carillo@tbs-education.fr
Tbs Teleworking In Times Of Crisis Take Survey

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