Update April 3rd 2020

For more recent updates on the latest coronavirus measures at TBS, please check our FAQ on Coronavirus Testing and our FAQ on Campus Access for Students.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, TBS professors, lecturers and staff are now all working remotely. 100% of our classes are available to all TBS students. TBS offices and premises remain temporarily closed.

Take good care of yourself and others and stay at home.

TBS stays by your side in this very particular context. The TBS international student services and admission teams are available and here for you, to answer any questions and address any worries you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the International Department on your TBS campus for more information.

TBS General Management


Until when will the TBS campuses be closed?

What actions has TBS taken to make sure classes take place?

How can I follow my classes?

I’m worried about my exam. Do you have any information?

I need information on my application. Can you help?

I’m an international student and I’ve enrolled in a TBS program for September 2020. How will the current situation affect me?


I’m an international student and worry about my visa or residence permit. What should I do?

I’m an exchange student, who should I contact ?

I’ve received an Erasmus+ scholarship. What will happen?

I’m an Erasmus or exchange student. How can I validate my credits?

I’m a TBS student abroad. Should I come back home?

I’m worried about my internship. Who should I contact?

I have trouble finding an internship. Who should I contact?

I’m abroad for my internship, should I be worried about health insurance?


What is Coronavirus ? What is COVID-19?

Which preventive measures can I take against the virus?

Should I inform TBS if I’ve visited a high-risk area, if I’ve been in contact with a contaminated person or with someone who’s at high risk of being contaminated?

I need a doctor or have a medical appointment. What should I do?

Should I contact emergency if have COVID-19 symptoms?

Why am I not allowed to buy a face mask?

Which specific measures apply to France, Spain and Morocco?

Do I need to pay my rent?


What does social distancing mean?

In which countries is social distancing implemented?

What are the valid reasons for leaving your home?

Is there a curfew?

Can I use public transport?

Can I go out to buy food?

Is it possible to go out to buy something other than food?

Can I eat with relatives or friends or invite them over?

Can I visit parents or relatives?

Are outdoor physical activities allowed?

Can I let my dog out?

What happens if restrictions are violated?

I’m not comfortable alone and feel anxious. What should I do?


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