Logistics and supply chain management have never been more crucial than today. Companies will need to adapt and increasingly favor sustainable, robust solutions. The TBS MSc Supply Chain & Lean Management (SCALE) helps you become an expert in a field where you can make a real impact in solving tomorrow’s challenges. Here’s why you should take a closer look at this MSc program:

1 – One program, triple impact

With the MSc Supply Chain & Lean Management (SCALE) program, you’ll not only master the ins and outs of supply chain management, but will also be proficient in lean management and project management. This triple skill adds extra credibility to your resume and opens up a wide range of professional opportunities for prospective logistics managers, supply chain analysts, project managers, sales engineers…

2 – Extra international certifications

To help you build up your resume even further, the MSc SCALE prepares you for 4 additional international certificates:

3 – A high-end management & engineering partnership

The MSc SCALE degree is delivered in partnership with the IMT Mines Albi, one of France’s largest engineering schools. The program is taught entirely in English and opens up a high-end double degree opportunity for students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. If you’re not sure you qualify, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below.

4 – Practical experience with leading companies

TBS programs combine theory and practice to make sure you’re fully operational upon graduation. During this MSc program, you’ll be working on real-life case studies to help leading companies achieve their goals. The MSc SCALE’s corporate partner network includes high-profile companies, such as Airbus, Pierre Fabre, Carrefour and many more…

5 – A widespread international network

The TBS-IMT Mines Albi partnership opens up both schools’ international networks to our students and graduates. You’ll have easy access to over 100,000 alumni all over the world as well as to a wide range of international partnering institutions.

Who can apply?

The MSc SCALE program is entirely taught in English. If you think you need to be an engineer to qualify for this Master of Science, well don’t worry, you don’t. We do require you hold a 4-year Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS or equivalent) and we even have a solution for those with a 3-year Bachelor Degree.

… and studying at TBS is so much more!

TBS belongs to the very select circle of triply accredited business schools. All programs on our 5 campuses are designed by PhD professors who include the latest research in management so you’re completely up-to-date and fully operational when you graduate. You’ll also be trained and certified in innovative management techniques, including our Soft Skills certificate, which allows you to acquire key skills to lead teams and manage your professional career in the corporate world. And last but not least, TBS stands for a vibrant student life, with over 30 student associations, to make sure you feel welcome and are fully integrated in daily school life.

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