Confinement stimulates creativity, as we can all see on social networks these days. TBS Master of Science students from the Big Data, Marketing and Management program are combining methodology and creativity to initiate innovative and socially relevant projects.

Combining creativity & methodology

Under the guidance of TBS lecturer Julius Akinyemi, entrepreneur in residence at the MIT Media Lab, TBS Master of Science students from the Big Data, Marketing and Management program have been leveraging MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship Methodology to help both people and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Online teamwork across borders

In these times of confinement, TBS students work closely together from their homes across the world. The projects are the result of solid online teamwork by students from France, California, the UK, South Korea, China, Lebanon, India and Gabon.

High-quality & socially relevant projects

Below you’ll find a quick overview of the 5 high-quality projects our students have been working on:

  • A virtual interaction platform to help currently isolated citizens interact in order to minimize loneliness.
  • A platform to help citizens at risk of contracting COVID-19 order medications, laundry services, etc. in a service with contactless delivery.
  • A logistic platform to expedite waiting time in hospitals and enhance health service delivery. The platform is designed to become a standard after the crisis.
  • Energy-efficient technology to limit on-campus energy consumption using IoT smart sensors and improve energy management as well as other services. This technology is set up so it can also be used by other institutions.
  • Knowledge-based services for the winery industry that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals while establishing a new business model for the future as the industry undergoes changes that may put a constraint on profitability.

TBS is proud of its students, their social awareness and their creativity during these difficult times and plans to help them drive their projects to realization.

TBS stays connected during confinement

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, all TBS teams have been working closely together to roll out a wide range of new initiatives and maintain the connection with our students as well as the quality of education. We’ve also designed a virtual learning platform that combines humor and e-learning to lift students’ spirits in these times of confinement. Should you have more specific questions, don’t hesitate to visit our Coronavirus FAQ.

Tbs Students Collaborating

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