TBS has been confronted with an unprecedented challenge over the last few weeks. To maintain the daily quality of education for our students across the world and support employees working from their homes, all TBS teams have been working closely together to roll out a wide range of new initiatives. Here’s a quick overview:

100% remote teaching and learning

TBS has transitioned, with great agility, to 100% remote teaching and learning in a very short amount of time. This success would not have been possible without the rich offer in digital courses we’d already established. As a reminder, TBS is the first institution in France to have been awarded the “4 Digital Label” by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) national business school association.

90 virtual classes & 5000 hours of lectures every day

Every day, the TBS teaching staff organizes 90 virtual classes and 5000 hours of lectures. During the first week of remote working alone, 229 virtual classes, coaching sessions and language courses were organized to maintain the link with our students while monitoring progress.

10 e-learning courses for returning students

In addition to the transfer to remote work, a catalog of ten e-learning courses were created by TBS professors and delivered to students who had returned or are being repatriated from TBS partner universities abroad.

Remote business games & missions

TBS Flagship projects, such as the giant ARTEMIS business game and the SESAME missions have also switched to online methods and are 100% included in our remote offer.

A range of new initiatives

To develop increasingly agile methods and support employees and students during this transition, TBS has also rolled out several new initiatives:

  • an online space to support distance learning for all teachers and speakers
  • two daily newsletters on remote education and teleworking for all TBS staff members
  • Daily micro-learning courses to support employees and help them develop new skills quickly
  • A weekly satisfaction survey to teaching staff to identify good practices, evaluate needs and develop services in an agile manner
  • A hotline and individual support for educational teams
  • New techno-pedagogical workshops and training

As an institution for higher education, TBS has the responsibility to accompany, support and reassure students. We need to make sure they receive continuous educational support and be a reliable link and beacon to them in these unusual times. To make this happen, we’ve had to tackle technological and educational challenges. I would therefore like to thank all of TBS’s 350 collaborators for their unwavering professional commitment and investment.

Stéphanie Lavigne – Dean – TBS Education

For more information on how TBS manages these times of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, don’t hesitate to visit our Coronavirus FAQ.

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