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Holiday Season From All The Staff


For us, 2023 is a very exciting year! TBS Education will be celebrating 120 years of excellence.

This 120-year-old success story is not only ours to celebrate, but that of our exceptional partners around the world.

Since its creation in 1903, TBS Education has trained, engaged, and connected with more than 6 generations. With a strong network of 51,000 alumni TBS Education is an international driver in education, with innovation and an inclusive spirit at its heart.

We thank you – our cherished network – for actively contributing to our excellence, global mindset, and the life-changing opportunities that together we have provided to thousands of students and individuals.

Join the community of those who want to inspire, reveal and impact.

Leave us your details to celebrate together the 120th anniversary of our institution!
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120 years, and we glance towards the future.

Anchored on solid foundations, we continue our evolution in enriching a new school model. As a Business for Good, we integrate all economic, societal and environmental issues into our DNA.

Through educational well-being as our priority, we choose fulfilment and positivity.

Through our model of excellence, where research feeds teaching and knowledge, we ensure a high level of employability.

Finally, as a top-tier international business school, we bring cultures closer together and propagate the opportunities to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable economy.


Stéphanie Lavigne


Recognized by the French Ministry of Education on March 27, 1903, TBS Education is one of the oldest business schools in France.

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