At the 2020 annual meeting of the Academy of Management, the biggest and most prestigious event for business academics in the world, the TBS workshop on humor in management education was voted Best Teaching and Learning Conference session.

A Workshop on Humor in Management Education

On August 9th, 2020, TBS Professor David Stolin and TBS Inspiring Guest Sammy Obeid conducted a live online workshop at the Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) held as part of the 2020 Academy of Management annual meeting.

Combining Education and Stand-Up Comedy

The TBS workshop, titled “Bringing Humor to Management Education: Lessons from Collaborating with a Stand-up Comedian” was one of only three headliner sessions at the TLC, was featured on the Academy of Management blog, and was voted the best TLC session (out of nearly 50 sessions held this year).

The workshop consisted of a presentation of TBS Education’s collaboration with Sammy Obeid on creating humorous educational videos, followed by a brainstorming exercise about the topic of the next video. You can watch the workshop via the link below and the resulting video about Expectancy Theory of Motivation on TBS Education’s FNEGE-accredited Open Teaching and Learning Resources site, where a 12-page teaching note can be ordered by educators at no cost.

Workshop participants were also asked to answer a questionnaire; their responses and follow-up interviews will be used in ongoing TBS research about humor in management education.


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