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On September 16th, 2019 TBS launched its first Inspiring Guest project, a high-profile event designed to inject creativity and fun in teaching and education. The event has teachers and students collaborate with an inspiring personality to stimulate both the learning process and student motivation.

A collaboration with Sammy Obeid to stimulate the learning process

The first edition of « Inspiring Guest » put the spotlight on Californian comedian and Berkeley graduate in Business, Sammy Obeid.

All TBS students were treated to a one-man show and an improvisation class during a special ‘Open Mike’ night. TBS students, professors and educational engineers also held workshops to learn from Mr. Obeid’s experience in comedy, improvisation and teaching, while discussing ways in which the resulting insights could contribute to pedagogical innovation at TBS.

An irreverent video to increase student participation

Mr. Obeid asked faculty members to suggest recent news stories from the world of economics and business that illustrate an interesting issue from both practical and academic perspectives. The idea was to create a video on the iPhone 11 and its pricing.

The script for the video was developed by Mr. Obeid, with input from several TBS faculty members. While the video’s content is pedagogically and academically sound, its tone is light-hearted and irreverent, to prompt student participation and risk-taking, by embedding humour in the learning process.

The result: an entertaining crash course in pricing strategies

Watch Sammy Obeid’s crash course in pricing strategies, where he unveils the dark art of psychological pricing, using the iPhone 11 as an example.

Educational videos recorded with Sammy Obeid are available on here ›

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