Despite current challenges, the aerospace industry remains a dynamic and promising industry for today’s graduates – particularly for those with the management expertise and specialized business knowledge to work across the industry’s value chain. Now’s the time to come up with new solutions to bring the industry to the next level.

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The need for agile problem-solvers

The worldwide “mobility turn” is pushing the entire transportation industry towards a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly approach, which represents a unique opportunity to speed up the transformation of the transport world.

For even the most experienced technical managers in the aerospace industry, it’s time to upskill and get ready for new challenges ahead. The industry is going to require even more agile managers who are competent problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and able to navigate the challenges of the business.

Top-level aerospace programs to prepare the future

TBS has a long history in training managers for the aerospace sector. The school has enriched its portfolio of dedicated training courses in Aerospace Management over the last 20 years and is training in the new skills required to adapt practices and operations to the “new normal”. Our programs are designed to help students come up with new ideas on types of management and organization, new ways of working, new business models, on how to ensure the transition with current models, measure and prepare the acceptability of new transport solutions, and on how to invent travel offers with a societal value. Get inspired and discover the program that fits your profile and goals:

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A transdisciplinary approach to fuel program content

Going beyond promising technology is key and requires an optimized, “augmented”, fluid and sustainable passenger experience. We strongly believe the systemic transformation of multimodal transport should be approached in a trans-disciplinary manner, which is why our programs include our latest research.

The Aerospace & Mobility Center of Excellence

In the frame of the TBS Aerospace & Mobility Center of Excellence, several partnerships with industrial leaders and key stakeholders are supporting both training and research activities (ATR, AIRBUS, ENAC, 3i3S, USAIRE…). Beyond the coordination and support of the TBS aerospace programs, the TBS Aerospace & Mobility Center of Excellence also collaborates with:

  • The SIRIUS Chair conducts high-level research on space, business and law and provides valuable insights during conferences and events, such as the yearly SIRIUS Space Talks. The chair unites the expertise of 3 major players in the space industry: the French CNES Center for Space Studies, Thales Alenia Space and Airbus Defense and Space with the high-profile research skills of 2 well-known educational institutions: TBS Education and Toulouse 1 Capitole University.
  • The international academic consortium contributing to the brand new European Space University project (UNIVERSEH)
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Toulouse, a leading aerospace & mobility ecosystem

Over the years, Toulouse has become the hotspot for over 500 aeronautics and aerospace companies, welcoming the likes of Airbus, Air France Industries and CNES (French Space Agency), ATR, Thales, and Safran, among others, as well as innovative research centers. The city also boasts a private-public incubator named Aerospace Valley to look towards high-tech business initiatives including artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving vehicles, drones, and Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

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Toulouse has experienced significant growth in both its economy and population – making it the fastest growing city in France in the last 10 years. With its good quality of life and flourishing job prospects for those in the aerospace & mobility industry, it’s not hard to see why so many students want to stay put after graduation.

Tbs Inspiration Plane 2020

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