From May 19th to 22nd, 2020 students from the TBS Master of Science in Big Data, Marketing & Management will face each other during the 2nd edition of the TBS Datathon. This Big Data & Artificial Intelligence challenge has students develop a predictive algorithm in record time to meet the business needs of a real-life company.

The 2020 Datathon: the mission

For the 2020 Datathon, the students of the MSc Big Data, Marketing & Management have the mission to develop an algorithm that can predict a project’s success in the framework of public tender procedures for the account of APEM.

A challenge from an international company

APEM is a company that manufactures human-machine interface products for a wide range of markets, such as instrumentation, medical applications, industrial automation, aeronautics, defense and transportation. APEM belongs to the worldwide IDEC group, which turnover reaches 550 million€, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field.

Teamwork across continents

Given the current situation of confinement, this year, the Datathon challenge will be fought online. The 2020 edition virtually unites students from 13 different nationalities spread across 4 continents. This new organisation adds an extra level of difficulty to the challenge, as students will not only be evaluated on the pertinence of their recommendations and the quality of their algorithm, their capacity to create team synergy across continents will also be taken into account.

A project that puts theory into practice

The Datathon is a high-profile educational project that allows TBS students to put theory and technique into practice. Led by professor Kévin Carillo, the students have one week to meet the challenge while honing their Big Data & Artificial Intelligence skills. The goals of the project:

  • Apply the acquired knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science
  • Use a Machine Learning tool (Dataiku DSS)
  • Analyse and present data using data visualisation and business intelligence tools (Tableau Desktop)
  • Conduct structured consulting work in the framework of a data and artificial intelligence project
  • Know how to handle the pressure of a project that’s limited in time

Relive the 2019 Datathon

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