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Yu-Hsuan TING, Taiwan, TBS Master in Management option DIMA 2017It is interesting to see a business school open such a program related to technical knowledge. TBS has a strong background in Marketing and a strong network with many businesses working in Big Data. I was working as a SAP database consultant in Taiwan, with my Bachelor in business, and I was looking for a program which could provide courses linking engineering and business. Therefore, DIMA was my first and only choice when I decided to come to France to study.

All the Big Data courses are very interesting, and feel more like coaching than traditional educational courses. We, as students, are pushed to be proactive and constantly learning not only in the school, but also in everyday life. With multiple projects, group discussions, the coaching from professors and professionals, and the teamwork with classmates, everyone develops and learns at an extraordinary speed. Every single one of us was had so much fun learning Big Data.
The most amazing thing about this program is that, it always reminds us of the importance of business values and links technical knowledge back to business.

Toulouse Business School’s Toulouse campus is great! Close to the center and so convenient. With TBS is not just a place to study, but also a place to meet different people from different backgrounds whilst enjoying France!
For the faculty in TBS. Everyone is so helpful.  Any problems are solved quickly by the support staff, and especially International Student Services. As international students, we have many things to take care of, such as bank accounts, accommodation and visa issues.  The International Student Services team are so kind and help us as much as they can, and we don’t need to worry about complicated administration processes.

Big Data is the future, everyone knows that. Unfortunately, in the past, many people saw it as pure engineering. With this program, we have the advantage of mixing two areas together which raises our employability within many companies.

I would recommend this program to future students. If you want to step out from pure traditional business, if you are looking for something different, cross-subject and interesting, then this is for you. TBS’s DIMA program should be your first choice.

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