• Status: Student

Being the youngest Delegate of the Aerospace MBA Indian program and the only woman of the cohort is a clear advantage for Vishnoi Sugandha, an engineer from the automotive sector.

Why did you join the Aerospace MBA?

I work in automation in the automobile sector and I wanted to shift from sector; which is easier when you come from an MBA. I have always worked as an engineer and I wanted to change to managerial roles, so I thought that the MBA was the best option. It helps me to change my state of mind and gives me plenty of new perspectives. Plus, I realized I am the only female and the youngest professional of my cohort.

How does it feel being the only woman and the youngest delegate?

Being a junior is sometimes difficult as I have less experience than my colleagues, but I learn a lot from them. Being the only woman is not a problem at all, on the contrary; I think it is a great advantage as the Aerospace sector wants to hire more women. So, I will have the experience from the automation, the profile and the appropriate training and education to join the sector. As I come to the automobile sector, I always try to connect both sectors when learning new concepts from my more experienced colleagues.

How do you think the Aerospace MBA can help you to shift from sector?

First, IIMB is the best college in India and TBS is highly recognized in the Aerospace sector, so both combined is a great plus on my CV. Secondly, being the less experienced person of my cohort is also a great opportunity I am learning from my peers, from an international faculty and experienced professionals, meeting people from different countries and backgrounds… it is a very enriching experience. At the end of the MBA I will change sector. I am doing my project on automation in the Aerospace sector; which is providing me with a very good coverage of the subject and allowing me to establish good connections and a professional network for my future.


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