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Mani Puthan, an engineer from Bangalore, is one of the Indian Delegates of the Aerospace MBA program. With extensive technical experience, just 6 months after joining the program he decided to step down from his job and launch his own company. Today he counts 25 employees and an estimate turnover of 25$ million for the next 3 years.

Why did you decide to join the Aerospace MBA?

At the time, I was working for Rolls Royce and my direct manager suggested that I needed more soft-skills and told me about the IIMB and TBS program. But this Aerospace MBA is not only about soft skills, it’s about General Management, Finance, Strategy, Operations, Marketing… and of course, leadership!

Although you have not completed your program yet, what has the Aerospace MBA provided you with so far?

I could talk about all the interesting subjects we learnt… But what it really gave me was the motivation to become an entrepreneur. I had 22 years of experience in the Aerospace industry but none in business. I was afraid of finance, strategy, marketing, but once I joined the program and talked to all the experts and learnt the concepts… I decided to leave my job at the time and become an entrepreneur.

How are you experiencing this exciting professional challenge?

I am taking a big step and I want to do it professionally, I apply all the concepts of the program to my company. So far, I employ 25 people and that will grow to 50 in the coming year, sales forecasts for the next 3 years are at 25$ million. I have customers in Germany, France (Toulouse), US, Singapore and Dubai. And of course, I am doing my project study on my own company.

Mani Puthan is an Indian Delegate of the Aerospace MBA and Operations Director at UniMech Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing.


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