• Status: Student

Why did you join the Aerospace MBA?

My previous experience has been within the Aerospace Industry and I was looking to advance my skills, not only technical and functional skills but also soft-skills which could give me management level skills. One of the scoops of the program is multi-culturalism: Indian delegates come to Toulouse, we meet people from the Hub and full-time program, people from different places, different backgrounds… This network will help us to be stronger, to go further and to translate all this into our workplaces.

Coming from the Aerospace sector, do you feel as an advanced delegate?

I started my career with Airlines and for the last 2 years I have been in Management Consulting. But I was focused just on one part of the sector. In the Aerospace MBA knowledge transfer, not just from the Faculty but from our peers, is very fluent and one of the biggest contributing factors. I am learning from my colleagues and their duties and jobs in SupplyM, Procurement, Manufacturing… This great portfolio of people coming from different backgrounds provides you with very good insights of the profiles that are present in the Aerospace industry.

What are your future plans?

I would like to continue with the consulting. I aim to have my own consulting company some day and I would love to help clients who are looking for solutions within the Aerospace sector.

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