Student associations are a mainstay of campus life, hosting all sorts of events to build ties between students.  Being part of an association is an experience that will stand you in good stead for your future career.  These associations will bring you a wide choice of activities during your studies at TBS. At Bachelor level, three flagship associations pull out all the stops to help you thrive in your studies and enjoy a full student experience: the student office, the Welcome Team and Optimize Bachelor.

The student office, Welcome Team and Optimize:  the winning hand of Bachelor life

The role of the student office is to manage student life. It is made up of several theme-based sections: The party planning section is responsible for organizing the year’s main events, such as the integration weekend and gala, as well as the Halloween and Christmas parties; the arts section hosts cultural events in artistic fields, such as  photography, cinema , drawing or music. The student office also includes a sustainable development section, set up to promote good environmental practices and responsible behavior, and a sports section to oversee sporting events and manage the various teams at Bachelor level (rugby, soccer, handball, volleyball, etc.). As you can see, the scope of action covered by the student office extends well beyond partying. The association functions independently but is supported by the school, primarily with respect to management and legal aspects.

Another association with a strong presence is the Welcome Team, set up to welcome students from other countries and help them to integrate.  It organizes tours of the city and region, along with a wide range of other events:  festive evenings, go-karting, etc.  For both the students welcomed and association members, the Welcome Team provides an ideal environment in which to meet new people, speak a variety of languages and discover other cultures.

Optimize Bachelor – the most recent association – is aimed at students interested in setting up their own companies. It organizes TEDx events as well as Lunch & Learn meetings with guest speakers and company managers. The aim is to raise student awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities, share information and discuss personal projects.

An experience to be showcased

Whatever your interests and aspirations, joining an association is an essential complement to your studies. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a more fulfilling, more stimulating student experience, connected to other students. It’s also an opportunity to manage projects, take on responsibilities, and to acquire new skills beyond the classroom or internships, supervised by experts in the fields of finance, law, accounting, etc. Moreover, this type of experience is sought after by employers and will add value to your resume. So don’t hesitate: sign up!