Today’s economic context pushes companies to explore new strategies to keep their business moving forward. Now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone and become an expert to stand out on tomorrow’s job market and make an impact on the future.

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Now’s the right time to become an expert

In view of the current economic context, becoming an expert could definitely be worth your while in terms of career prospects. A lot of companies are struggling and the job market increasingly reflects their need for experts who can help them transition towards more sustainable solutions. Job candidates who can adapt to changing demands and offer specific skillsets to help companies on their way simply have a better chance of standing out. Here’s why companies are so interested in expert profiles

– Expertise means reactivity

Quite a number of industries and jobs require a very specific understanding that, without the right training, would take months, or even years, to acquire. Today’s entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to gather all this knowledge themselves. They need to act quickly to tackle new challenges and require the reactivity of experts who know exactly what to do and how to implement new actions.

– Expertise drives innovation

Experts know how to analyze a situation, determine which ideas have potential and how to turn interesting ideas into something extraordinary. They have the knowledge and skill to come up with unique perspectives and explore innovative strategies. They also anticipate trends in the industry, which may be crucial to securing a company’s future.

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How to become the expert you want to be

– Get out of your comfort zone

With the job market evolving so rapidly, now’s the time to push yourself out of your comfort zone and become the expert you want to be. This is the right time to reflect on the type of future you really picture for yourself, even it may mean spending a bit more time studying. The good news is that there are different ways to become the type of expert you want to be:

– Deepen your knowledge

Whether you’ve just obtained a higher education degree or are looking for a career change, adding theoretical and practical expertise to your resume is an excellent way to vouch for your unique skill-set. With the TBS Master of Science programs, you can sharpen your knowledge in a field you’re already familiar with and acquire crucial top-level theoretical know-how as well as in-company experience. All our MSc programs also include a professional thesis on a cutting-edge subject that helps your resume stand out.

– Cross-train to expand your skill-set

Another possibility is to select a field that complements the knowledge you already have in stock. If you’ve obtained a degree in engineering, for example, it may be interesting to add expert business or project management skills in order to offer an entirely unique profile with skills on every level. The TBS MSc Supply Chain & Lean Management is an excellent example of a cross-training program: it is accessible to engineers and combines training in project management and lean management with top-level supply chain optimization skills. Extra bonus: it offers additional, internationally recognized certifications that vouch for your expertise.

– Show off your leadership skills

As today’s organizations are looking for immediate impact, leadership is definitely a skill that will always be valued by employers. All TBS Master of Science programs include a Soft Skills section that helps you master the interpersonal skills you need to develop your leadership in any type of organization and cultural context.

– Get extra hands-on experience

We all know that mastering top-level theory is just not enough and that hands-on experience is what companies are really looking for. The TBS Master of Science programs work in close partnerships with local and international companies to deliver extra hands-on experience with high-profile companies while you’re at it. All Masters of Science include real-life consulting missions and internships for local and international players.

12 months to become an expert

TBS offers a wide range of Master of Science programs to help you become the expert you want to be in just 12 months. All programs provide professional expertise, Soft Skills, a consulting mission, a master thesis and hands-on in-company work experience in the following fields of expertise:

– 95% of our graduates are employed within 6 months

95% of our graduates are employed within 6 months after their graduation. They work for international companies such as Airbus, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BNP, Amazon, Google, L’Oréal, Pierre Fabre and many more!

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About TBS

TBS belongs to the very select circle of business schools with the triple AACSB-EQUIS-AMBA accreditation. Ranked among the best business schools in Europe, it paves the path towards excellence for 5,600 students from over 80 different nationalities every year. TBS offers a wide range of higher education and executive training programs on its 4 campuses in Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca. It also provides a network of over 200 partner universities on 5 continents and over 100 double degrees, created in partnership with the most prestigious institutions for higher education. TBS trains the new generation of decision-makers, teaching them hybrid skills, responsibility and open-mindedness. The school also focuses on emerging sectors thanks to its Centers of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics as well as in Aerospace & Mobility.

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