Further to the information given by the French government on January 14th, 2021 and to the decisions of the French CGE Business School Association on January 20th in accordance with the French Ministery of Higher Education (MESRI), the entire TBS team is pleased to announce that we can now open our French campuses again to first-year Bachelor in Management students and students in the L3-year of the Master in Management program, should they wish to join us.

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Classes will take place following a hybrid schedule, where first-year students from our Bachelor in Management program and L3 students from our Master in Management program can join us on campus every other week. The measures take place on January 25th for the Bachelor in Management students and on January 26th, 2021 for the Master in Management students. The required security measures have been implemented to make sure students can join us in full respect of the applicable sanitary safety measures.

To avoid isolation and allow our students to work together, the TBS campuses that are located in confined areas have implemented limited access procedures. You’ll find more information in our FAQ Campus Access.

TBS supports students and professors

Since the start of this unusual academic year, our entire school is mobilized to help and support our students in their endeavors. Class hours and program content are respected and we closely monitor teaching quality so students acquire the skills they need.

All means have been deployed to efficiently support our professors and ensure continued service to all our students. The TBS foundation has also collected extra funds to accompany students who experience financial difficulties. The amount of 65.000€ has already been distributed to students in financial need and we plan to launch a new fundraiser shortly.

TBS management remains highly mobilized to accompany students and professors in these difficult times. Our goal is to guarantee the academic quality, the value of your diploma in order to maximize student employability.

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Let’s fight the pandemic together!

If you’re on our French campuses, download the TousAntiCovid app to fight the pandemic together and limit virus transmission! Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will send you an alert if you’ve been exposed to the virus, to help you protect the people around you as soon as possible.

De TousAntiCovid app can be obtained via:

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Please Respect Barrier Gestures

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