The nomination of Anne Rivière as the new Director of the TBS Master In Management and Master of Science programs adds fresh impetus to a school that values innovation, commitment and responsibility.

As an expert in management control and performance monitoring in changing organizations, Anne Rivière places her in-depth knowledge of local and international companies at the service of TBS students to solidly prepare them for tomorrow’s companies. Anne has been a TBS professor for the last 15 years and is widely known and recognized for her teaching skills, academic and managerial stature as well as her human qualities.

Anne Rivière Stéphanie Lavigne
Anne Rivière, Master in Management & MSc Director and Stéphanie Lavigne, TBS Dean

An outstanding career path & personality

Former HEC graduate, Anne Rivière holds a PhD in Management Science (DESCF) and the official authorization to conduct research (HDR), which is the highest degree in higher education in France. Her excellent knowledge of the school and its Master in Management and Master of Science programs are also a valuable asset. Anne has been working as a full professor at TBS since 2005, where she successively held the position of :

At the forefront of TBS’s auditing tracks and double degrees in auditing, which combine academic excellence and partnerships with well-known companies in the field, Anne has conducted research in management control systems and key performance indicators for organizational and institutional change, both in the private and public sector. She also has a keen interest in social impact and equal opportunity matters.

Anne’s earlier experience as an audit manager for large international groups and director of management control, as well as her widespread network vouch for her knowledge of companies and management, which will be put to good use in the Master in Management and Master of Science programs.

It is with great pride that I take up the position of Master in Management and Master of Science Director. I aim to bring these programs to the highest level of excellence, while giving students the opportunity to discover the jobs of the future, multiply international experience and ensure employability. Our students will be managers in tomorrow’s uncertain, complex world. We need to train them so they can implement innovating, demanding projects, using a true sense of humanity and collective intelligence. I’m thoroughly committed to spreading CSR values throughout our programs, especially when it comes to promoting diversity, which is the strength of business schools that are truly anchored in today’s world.

Anne Rivière, Director Master in Management & Master of Science Programs

A double female lead behind TBS’s academic excellence

Anne Rivière’s academically and professionally hybrid profile is a solid asset to the school and brings new energy. In close collaboration with Stéphanie Lavigne, the TBS Dean, Anne will contribute to the school’s outreach and academic excellence. Both Stéphanie and Anne have been teachers at TBS for over 15 years and will now join forces to continue the school’s development while holding up TBS’s values of personal and professional fulfillment : Inspiring Education, Inspiring Life.

I’m delighted by Anne Rivière’s nomination as the Director of Master in Management and Master of Science programs. Her human qualities and sense of commitment are applauded by the entire TBS Management Team. We both aim to bring the school to the highest level of excellence by intensifying program options and focusing on innovative teaching to train committed, responsible managers, creators, and leaders.

Stéphanie Lavigne, Dean of TBS

Anne Rivière Stéphanie Lavigne

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