Where am I?

In the labyrinth of knowledge and innovation, each symbol, each character embodies a message.

At TBS Education, we are brimming with ideas, talents, and ambitions.

Can you detect the imprints of our past, present, and future there?

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At TBS Education, we’re brimming with ideas…

This year, our traditional greetings card is transformed into a captivating illustration, reflecting the faces and symbols that have marked our school’s 120-year history. This mural invites you to discover not only the iconic Pink Sweater, but also the diverse aspects of our community: our vibrant campuses, our distinguished alumni, our dynamic associations, as well as you, our valued faculty and administrative staff.

Stéphanie Lavigne

Dean of TBS Education

Can you find me?

And find the key people of TBS Education…

The founders

fondateurs voeux 2024.png

The two Founders

Maurice Houques-Fourcades, director, and Franck Courtois de Viçose, president of the CCI

premieres femmes voeux 2024.png

Renée Cède and Antoinette Subsol

In 1915, they were the first women to graduate from the Higher School of Commerce

max cluseau voeux 2024.png

Max Cluseau

Director of the Higher School of Commerce from 1952 to 1979

herve passeron voeux 2024.png

Hervé Passeron

Director of the Higher School of Business from 1998 to 2012

The actors of today

stephanie lavigne voeux 2024.png

Stéphanie Lavigne

Dean of TBS Education

olivier beniellli voeux 2024 2.png

Olivier Benieli

Director of the Barcelona campus

mohammed derabi voeux 2024.png

Mohammed Derabi

Director of the Casablanca campus

louis marie juvin voeux 2024.png

Louis-Marie Juvin

Director of Paris Campus

pierre hurstel voeux 2024.png

Pierre Hurstel


anne riviere voeux 2024.png

Anne Rivière

Program director for Grande Ecole (Master in Managment) and MSc (Master of Science)

patricia bournet voeux 2024.png

Patricia Bournet

Director of Bachelor program

florence ramilllon voeux 2024.png

Florence Ramillon

International relations director

arnaud thersiquel voeux 2024.png

Arnaud Thersiquel

Marketing & communication director / Chief of Staff / Alumni

florent deisting voeux 2024.png

Florent Desting

Societal transition director

servane delanoe voeux 2024.png

Servane Delanoë-Gueguen

Dean of the faculty

samuel fosso wamba voeux 2024 1.png

Samuel Fosso Wamba

Director of research

guilain praseuth voeux 2024.png

Guilain Praseuth

Pedagogical innovation manager

agents moyen generaux voeux 2024.png

General agents

Our school also has 447 employees and 127 permanent professors!

Some Alumnus...

julien condamines.png

Julien Condamines

Alumnus and founder and managing director of Co-Création Lab

eva andre voeux 2024.png

Eva André

Alumnus and world-class French freediver

clarisse castan voeux 2024.png

Clarisse Castan

Alumnus and founder of Ginger & Limón agency

bertrand gourdou voeux 2024.png

Bertrand Gourdou

Alumnus and owner of chateau Guilhem in AOP Malepere

egeries 120 ans voeux 2024.png

Egeria 120 years

Learners and alumnus who were the muse for the school's 120th anniversary

greg antoine voeux 2024.png

Greg Antoine

Alumnus et Managing Director of the TBS Alumni Association

maxime medard voeux 2024.png

Maxime Médard

Alumnus et professional rugby player at Stade Toulousain and French XV

olivier igon voeux 2024.png

Olivier Igon

Pedagogical managers of TBSeeds and CEO of Menguy's

The key associations

escadrille voeux 2024.png

ESCadrille Toulouse Junior Conseil

The Junior-Enterprise of TBS Education

alumni voeux 2024.png

TBS Alumni

Join the alumnus network of the school!

fondation voeux 2024.png

TBS Education Fondation

The TBS Education Foundation, serving its students and its school

b3d voeux 2024.png

Le Bureau du Développement Durable

A student association of TBS Education

cerbieres voeux 2024.png

Le Bureau Des Élèves

A student association of TBS Education

bde theo l heureux voeux 2024.png

Le Bureau des Sports

A student association of TBS Education

tbseeds voeux 2024.png


The incubator that helps you create your own business

accreditations voeux 2024.png

Accreditations AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

TBS Education is part of the very exclusive circle of globally triple accredited business schools

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Where am I?

Can you detect the marks of our past, present, and future in there?
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