Multilingual news coverage and its impact on stock, currency, and commodity prices

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Europlace Institute of Finance and the Label Louis Bachelier awarded a grant to David STOLIN, Professor at TBS, and his colleague Professor Haim KEDAR-LEVY from Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel for a research project entitled “Multilingual news coverage and its impact on stock, currency, and commodity prices“.

The goal of this project is to investigate the impact of news coverage on the trading behavior of a wide variety of assets using a combination of previously unexamined data, cutting-edge text analytics, and a novel methodological approach. Specifically, the researchers will measure the relevance of news stories from tens of thousands of sources in multiple languages published since early-2016 to global stocks and other securities.

While there is extensive prior research on how securities trading is affected by news stories that mention them directly, most securities are rarely covered by the media, and most media stories do not reference individual securities. By contrast, this project, in collaboration with a leading natural language processing (NLP) company, seeks to examine the impact of, effectively, the totality of world news on global securities.