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Executive Doctorate of Business Administration

The TBS Education Executive DBA program offers a 4-years professional doctorate degree which requires original research in order to solve organizational problem.

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In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, research helps managers and leaders stay ahead of the curve. The objective is to identify emerging trends or directions before they become mainstream so you can solve complex business problems with innovative solutions that will stand out in an already highly competitive marketplace.

In this challenging environment where nothing seems permanent, applied & fundamental analysis are invaluable assets for anyone seeking success within today’s ever-changing corporate landscape. 

Participants come from all over the world, and this international setting provides them with high-level business skills in addition to their educational training. This combination prepares them for success withtin today’s dynamic landscape of industry practices worldwide.

Combining professional experience and applied research

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The TBS Education Executive Doctorate of Business administration Degree

Reasons to enroll to the Executive Doctorate of Business Administration of TBS Education:

At TBS Education, we assure you that your skills will be improved and become portfolio-ready.

We are among the 1% of world leading business schools accredited by 3 international accreditations regulating management programs: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. This means we have earned our reputation for providing quality education on business topics.

Students who enroll in the TBS Education DBA program will be able to fully immerse themselves into their course with an on-site, face-to-face seminar format.

The curriculum’s structure varies over the course of the 4 years:

  • Year 1: students must attend 3 hybrid or online seminars.
  • Years 2 & 3: students need to attend one seminar every 4 months or 5 seminars overall.
  • Year 4: dedicated to the writing of a thesis and preparing to defend it.
Each seminar consists of two modules and a complete research workshop, in which students work on their progression as well as that of their peers. This part provides a global perspective to participants of the research work.

TBS Education has a proven track record of selecting highly qualified speakers for its Executive DBA program. These professors are research-focused, have experience in managerial fields, and know how to deliver presentations that will get results from a professional audience.

Whatever the campus these courses are being held, at least 50% will be taught by TBS Education professionals.

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The DBA program helps companies to solve their most complex problems with innovative, grounded solutions. The research methodology of the degree ensures that executives are able to offer more informed decision-making by understanding how it impacts them, as well as understanding why these changes are necessary in order for business or organizations to function properly.

A truly International Experience

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A DBA is a Doctorate of Business Administration degree.

The program is designed for experienced business professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. The curriculum focuses on advanced topics in business such as accounting, finance, marketing and management. Students in the program learn how to conduct research, solve problems, and think critically about business issues.

The DBA program is accredited by the AACSB and typically takes three to five years to complete.

Upon graduating, students are prepared for careers as executive-level managers, consultants, and professors. With its rigorous curriculum and high standards, the DBA program is an excellent way to prepare for a successful career in business.

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in business are both terminal degrees in their field.

The main difference between the two is that a PhD emphasizes research and theoretical knowledge, while a DBA focuses on practical applications.

A PhD in business is typically academic in nature, requiring students to complete coursework and pass comprehensive exams before beginning their dissertation.

In contrast, a DBA program emphasizes the development of new ideas and approaches to solving business problems. Students in a DBA program typically complete coursework before embarking on their doctoral project, which may take the form of an applied research project, consulting project, or teaching project.

While both degrees require a significant investment of time and effort, a DBA may be the better choice for sudents who wish to pursue careers in industry or government, or for those who wish to teach at the collegiate level. A PhD is generally seen as the better choice for those who wish to pursue careers in acedemia or research.

Both MBA and DBA are advanced degrees that can signify a high level of achievement and expertise in the field of business. However, there are some key differences between the two degrees.

The main difference between these two programs is their duration. Indeed, the MBA takes place over one year while the DBA takes place over 3 years. Moreover, for the validation of the MBA, the writing of a memoir is mandatory. For the DBA, candidates must write a thesis.

This is why there are few courses in a DBA program, and why priority is given to writing the thesis. Indeed, the goal of the DBA is to allow a professional to reflect on one more managerial themes in order to be able to respond to them link theory to practice. Thanks to this, graduates will be able to develop new ideas and concepts, putting them into practice and testing them within their own company. Through this practical experience, they will measure the results and outcomes, as well as identify the points to improve or change. Since this work is carried out over 3 years, the result will not be the same as a MBA thesis, which is completed in 1 year.

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