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Bachelor in Management

The TBS Education Bachelor in Management degree is a rigorous program, which offers students many opportunities and experiences to develop their own unique and differentiating profile.

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The possibilities are endless with this unique program that gives each student the chance to choose his or her path according to his or her aptitudes, qualities and ambitions.

This international business degree is designed for students who are graduating from high school.
During 3 years, students will receive professional training that will allow them to acquire the experience and conceptual skills required to manage business in the global job market.

The degree for international business

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By French Business Magazine Le Moniteur du Commerce International (2022)
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By French Student Magazine L'Etudiant (2022-2023)
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By French Economic Magazine Challenge (2022)

The TBS Education Bachelor In Management Degree

Reasons to enroll to the Bachelor in Management of TBS Education :

The TBS Education Bachelor in Management is a great way to learn from industry experts in both the classroom and on-going workshops, while building your professional network. You can enroll at either our Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona or Casablanca campus but also change between them during the years of study.

This international business degree is an exceptional opportunity to study in 4 different locations while also having access, through our collaboration agreements to over 120 universities around the world.

Our international experience begins in the classroom thanks to TBS Education’s diverse and inclusive environment. Meet students from over 45 countries as well as our multinational faculty members, who offer a global perspective on learning that is unmatched by any other school of its kind.

With three years to accumulate 12 months of professional experience (full-time internships), the TBS Education Bachelor in Management degree is an excellent way for students who want real world application in their studies.

The courses are designed to give you an edge in your competitive field. The methodology of the classes is based on practical work and many professors bring real world cases into class for students like yourself who want more than just book knowledge.

The third year of this program is when students can specialize in a professional field and business area at the Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona or Casablanca campuses.

Through an elective subject with guest professors from around the world, you will reinforce your specialization and internationalization process.

Our Career Services is the perfect solution for any student who needs help making that transition from education to business. They offer individualized and ongoing monitoring of your personal development throughout school, as well an organized activities schedule with a professional coach assigned just for you.

A truly International Experience

Campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona & Casablanca
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Partner Universities Worldwide
Languages: English, French, Spanish


The degree for international business”

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There are many reasons why students choose to study in Europe. One of the most appealing factors is the wide range of study options available. From world-renowned universities to more specialized institutes, students can find programs that fit their academic and professional interests. 

In addition, Europe is home to a wealth of cultural treasures, making it an ideal place to broaden one’s horizons. Students can explore historic cities, visit world-famous museums, and experience different cultures and lifestyles. 

And with so many countries to choose from, there are always new places to discover. With its strong academic reputation and wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth, it is no wonder that studying in Europe is such a popular choice for students from all over the world.

A business school is a type of institution that provides educational opportunities in business-related fields. Students can pursue undergraduate, graduate, or professional degrees in business. 

Business schools can be found at the collegiate level, as well as within standalone institutions. Many business schools are affiliated with universities, but some operate independently. 

Business schools typically offer programs in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Some business schools also offer specialized programs in entrepreneurship, international business, and information technology. 

The admission to a business school can be competitive, and most programs require applicants to have a strong academic record and standardized test scores. Business schools place a strong emphasis on practical experience, and many programs include internships or other experiential learning opportunities. Graduates of business school programs often go on to work in leadership positions in businesses of all sizes.

A French Business School offers students a unique educational experience that combines academic rigor with an international perspective. Located in the heart of Europe, French Business Schools offer students the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. In addition, French Business Schools are renowned for their strong links to the business community, providing students with access to a network of potential employers. 

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