• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: United States (US)

Sara Saeed, United States

Master in Management, specialization: Big Data, 2017

Why did you choose TBS and the DIMA/Big Data modules?

After completing a bachelor of science degree, I worked as a healthcare analyst in New York, which introduced me to the concepts and opportunities arising in the field of data analysis. I decided I wanted to pursue a Masters abroad in order to expand my skills in Big Data, while also gaining a dynamic international experience. I chose the DIMA program at TBS because it struck me as an exciting and innovative program with high career value, in a diverse atmosphere.

What you thought about the programme (academic) and faculty who taught you?

The faculty members I encountered in the DIMA programme at TBS were knowledgable, engaged, and motivating. Professor Kevin Carillo told us on the first day that he would be our ‘Big Data Guru,’ and he lived up to that. Overall, the content and delivery of the courses I took were professional and interesting.

What do you think about TBS’s Toulouse campus and the support teams (academic administration, International Student Services, etc.)?

The TBS Toulouse campus and support teams are both welcoming and responsive. The academic administration was accessible to answer my questions throughout the term, and the International Student Services goes above and beyond to help with integrating into French student life.

How do you think the programme modules will help you in the future?

I believe this is the most important question, and I can definitely say that I gained applicable knowledge from the Big Data modules. We were introduced to a wide array of methods, concepts, and programs in data analysis (R Programming, data visualization techniques (Tableau, SAS), machine learning, behavioral analytics, etc.) Moving forward, these modules will provide a good skill base to advance the next step in my career.

Would you recommend these modules to future students, and why?

I would recommend the Big Data modules to future students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field mainly because 1. the courses teach skills through realistic experience (e.g. group projects presented in front of professional juries, lectures directly from company representatives) and 2. the program content is very up to date regarding the quickly developing state of the field. As students, we are participating in the innovation.

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