Nico Scheiner, Germany

MSc Banking & International Finance (Toulouse), 2016

Currently living and working in London, at Bloomberg

Why did you choose TBS and the MSc BiF?

I chose TBS as it is one of the top ranked universities in France and Europe. Offering several, different master programs and combining the theoretical content with a practical semester in the end was exactly what i was looking for. The MSc BiF was my preferred choice as I am looking to seek for a career in finance. I was sure about my choice after having worked in a bank during my Bachelor studies. The content of the studies with a focus on the large finance players and the relevant courses. 

What you thought about the programme (academic) and faculty who taught you?

The program was exactly what I was looking for. The content focused on both sides of the finance world: market finance and corporate finance. Relevant classes were taught in an excellent way. The interesting part was that not only professors from the TBS taught the classes but professionals as well, taking days off work just to teach the relevant class. This blend of experiences and teaching methods made the programme interesting and exciting. Moreover, there was the opportunity to ask questions and get an insight into their daily activities and some advice on how to succeed after the master´s program. 

What do you think about TBS’s Toulouse campus and the support teams (academic administration, International Student Services, etc.)?

The campus is top. Most of the classes were taught in a huge room (cinema-like) having all the facilities needed. The academic administration was accessible at all times and helped with every topic or issue. The International Student Services helped our international students with any questions. The sometimes difficult papers/requirements from the city of Toulouse or the insurance companies, etc. were all resolved with the help of the International Student Services. 

How has the programme helped you (both in terms of what you learnt, and the qualification itself)?

The program was helpful for my professional future. Not only have I learnt a lot of theoretical content that helped me with the CFA exams that I took right after the masters but as well for my professional career. As part of the masters, I could start my career at Bloomberg in London, having a direct exposure to the financial world.  The degree itself is a plus on everyone´s CV and enabled me to get several interviews for different positions, so that I had a choice. A master degree is definitely a comparative advantage and I would advise everybody to try to integrate into a masters program. 

Would you recommend this programme to future students, and why?

I would definitely advice the programme as it enabled me to progress with my professional career. It was the next step after the bachelor studies and I am happy that I have chosen this programme. Moreover, I learnt a lot of helpful and interesting content that helped me as well with the CFA exams. 

Your current position and company name

Currently still employed as an Equity Analyst at Bloomberg. Changing working place from July on for a 5 month internship in Munich at an Investment Banking boutique, named FCF ( From November onwards, 4 month internship at ABN Amro in the Investment banking Department in Amsterdam. 

Your nationality and where you are currently living

Nationality: German
Currently living: London, soon Munich

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