Megan WYNNE – United Kingdom – Summer School 

Where do you come from?

I come from a city in the north of England called Sheffield. In the 19th century it gained an international reputation for steel production, so my city is also known as the ‘Steel city’. I also attend university here at The University of Sheffield. Despite the poor weather, the city is a great place to live – there’s always something to do.

What studies have you already done, and what courses did you attend during the Summer School?

I’m currently studying a BA in Business Management at the University of Sheffield. However this year, I spent the semester doing an Erasmus semester at ESC Rennes, in the north of France. At the summer school I chose the Marketing trends and the Strategy in Europe modules.

Megan Wynne, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Why did you choose TBS Summer School over other summer schools?

I chose TBS as I love France, and I wanted further opportunity to improve my French, and also experience education further south in France.

How did your integration into TBS and the Summer School go?  What is your feedback about the programme?

Your first impressions on arrival: The weather was the first think I really appreciated! I found Toulouse to be a great city to

Please give your overall impressions and feedback on:

The courses
I found the use of case studies really insightful.

The social events
The social events were really fun.

The company and company visits
I really enjoyed both company visits and thought both were fantastic opportunities. I would have loved if it was possible to visit Airbus offices or talk to more people in the business.

For you, what were your best moments of the Summer School?  Please explain why
My best moments were meeting the other students, and making friends with people from countries all over the world. Also the night of Rio Loco was fantastic.

What did you appreciate about Toulouse: the people, the town, the School etc.?
The beautiful weather! Everyone was really friendly. The school was clean with good facilities. There was always something to do in Toulouse.

What advice would you give to a future Summer School Student?

I would advise future students to get involved with all the social activities. I would also recommend students to choose modules that are different topics to what your course major is.

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