• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: China

Why did you choose TBS and the Master of Science in Banking & International Finance (BiF)?

I chose TBS mainly due to its high “return on investment” – one can attend a prestigious education institution in France with reasonable duration & financial investments. MSc BiF as an accelerated program allowed me to complete my Master’s studies in an intense and fast pace, which fitted perfectly with my goal to prepare myself for a career in Finance imminently. Furthermore, since the program combines theoretical and practical aspects in its curriculum, I got to strengthen both my technical understandings and professional practices simultaneously, a critical selection criteria for me.

What is your opinion about the program (academic) and faculty who taught you?

The quality of the program and the faculty exceeded my expectations. Not only were the lecturers very competent in their respective fields, they taught passionately which further boosted my interests in Finance. As the program combined theory and practice, the lectures were given by professors from the faculty, and visiting professionals who work full time in corporations. This arrangement helped bridge the abstract theories and the implementation of theories in the real world. In addition, this close tie with the Finance industry gave me direct insights as well as an enormous network prior to graduation, which proved to be helpful in my internship search, expansion of professional network and exploring business opportunities later on.

What do you think about TBS’s Toulouse campus and the support teams (academic administration, International Student Services, etc.)?

The Toulouse campus is situated in an excellent location in the city, easily accessible to the commercial and business district, with also the tranquility to enable me to focus on work and study. The airport is literally 20 minutes away from the campus, an indispensable advantage for me as I enjoyed traveling. The in-campus facilities are new and convenient, I could reserve meeting rooms, access Bloomberg terminals and use other facilities in ease. The support teams provided me with timely and helpful assistance such as Visa renewal for international students and search of housing when I first arrived in Toulouse.

How has the program helped you (both in terms of what you learnt, and the qualification itself)?

The program taught me a great deal about Corporate Finance and Financial markets, especially under the context of Banking as the program’s name suggested. On top of the knowledge and hard skills acquired, the program also helped me further strengthen my academic rigor, critical thinking and abstract reasoning. As a triple accredited business school (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA), earning a degree from the program qualified me for multiple interviews and opened doors to different opportunities.

Would you recommend this program to future students, and why?

I would absolutely recommend this program to the future students, especially to those who would like to establish a career in the field of Finance. As the program would undoubtedly provide the necessary “tool kits” (knowledge, hard skills and soft skills”, the networks and qualification for a kick start of one’s career, it would also offer an unforgettable “student life” experience in “La Ville Rose”.

What is your current position and company name?

I am working for Banque Internationale in Luxembourg as a Strategy / M&A advisor, within the Strategy and Corporate Development Department in its Luxembourg headquarter.

What is your nationality and where you are currently living?

I come from Guangzhou, China originally, and I am currently living in Luxembourg.

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