• Status: Alumni
  • Current country: Mexico


Diana AVILA – Mexico – MSc Supply Chain & LEan management

Where do you come from? 

I am Mexican, from Monterrey City. Monterrey is one of the most important cities in my country. It is highly industrial due to its strategic location close to the border with United States.  I obtained my bachelor degree in The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico.

What studies have you already done, and what exact program are you doing at TBS?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering, and at the moment I am studying my Master’s degree in Supply Chain and Lean Management at TBS.

Why did you choose TBS over other schools?

Diana Avila, TBS

There are several reasons why I chose TBS, first of all the city, since Toulouse is known worldwide as one of the cities with a lot of international student life. Second, the language, I wanted to master my French but at the same time be able to communicate in English, both TBS and Toulouse gave me that option because of the international students and French bilingual youth. The third and most important reason, is because TBS is a prestigious University in France and the only one which had a master’s program that fulfilled my needs.

How has your integration into TBS gone?  What do you feel after your first few weeks at TBS?  Are there any services/support, which helped you?  Any events you particularly enjoyed?  Any difficulties you experienced? 

My integration to TBS was smooth and supportive thanks to International Student Services. As this was my first experience abroad I am really thankful to the people involved in making it easy for me to settle in. I felt that I received a lot of support and guidance through all the main processes that I needed to live and enjoy life in Toulouse; CAF, health insurance, bank account, mobile phone contract, among others.

From the first week in Toulouse I have been really happy here. Moreover after my first classes at TBS I confirmed that it was the best decision to choose this University for my Master’s degree. Since my classmates and I are the first generation of the MSc SCALE, I have had the opportunity to experience the full attention and guidance of the program staff, which enhances our learning.

So far, what do you appreciate about Toulouse: the people, the town, the School etc.?

About Toulouse I appreciate everything, for someone like me, living his or her first experience studying abroad, Toulouse is the perfect size of city, it’s easy to understand and walk around, transportation is accessible economically speaking and most people I have bumped into in the streets are polite and speak English. You can find a big variety of dishes to taste and the weather is great.

Can you give us a small anecdote concerning your time so far at TBS?  It can be informative/funny/whatever you wish.

The first week when I arrived in Toulouse, I didn’t know that clothes & shoes stores etc. closed really early and also on Sunday. Anyway I had saved my whole weekend to do this activity that I love so much and when Sunday arrived… Surprise!!! Nothing was open!!! I couldn’t believe it since this is a typical activity to do on Sundays in Mexico!!!

What advice would you give to a future incoming international student?

To arrive a couple of weeks before starting classes in order to have the opportunity to settle down smoothly. It is highly recommended to find accommodation through the options that International Student Services gives you, and once you arrive in Toulouse, get your metro card, make an appointment to open a bank account, lean on International Student Services for every single process.

Diana Avila, Toulouse

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