• Toulouse
  • English
  • 35,000€
  • 12 months
  • Part Time
  • 16 November 2020

Six pillars of management: Understanding your organization

The Aerospace MBA aims to grow your capabilities in all the core business functions (Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Strategy, Managerial Economics, Operations, Human Capital). Beyond academic content, delegates will gain deep insight into the strategies that are in play on the markets. The program is designed to help you see business challenges and opportunities from a strategic perspective. Whether you have technical expertise or experience in a specific functional area, the Core Modules will provide the knowledge and tools to see business from a CEO’s point of view, and to make better decisions. Think like a CEO.

Learn how to compete and collaborate in the global economy

Working with classmates from a range of nationalities, cultures and professional backgrounds, you’ll follow courses in knowledge and competence management, in managing alliances & partnerships, or in project management which will show you how to work in the context of global business. You’ll participate in diverse international activities (visits from international MBA partners, attending specialized tracks abroad). You’ll learn to better understand people, a competency which is crucial to developing managerial skills. Experience in the field will help you learn how organizations operate in the complex business systems of other countries.


Eight transverse stakes: Leading your organization and piloting projects

Most leaders deal with projects and activities that cut across their organizations. The eight process workshops are transverse activities requiring the use of the full range of management fundamentals. By intertwining these diverse functions, leaders will broaden their views of problems leading to better decision-making. Innovation requires a willingness to take risks, to seek out new opportunities while knowing how organizations function to prepare effective working tools. Meeting the challenges of uncertainty and rapid change requires the development of effective collaboration strategies both within the organization and with outside partners and customers. Find a way forward and build your business and management toolkit.

Consolidating your aerospace management background: Broadening your vision

Participants staying in Toulouse on the Long Haul program need to know more about the local ecosystem in order to:

  • Complete their understanding of the aerospace environment
  • Refine their career development project
  • Identify new trends and practices which might impact the marketplace

Over eight weeks, delegates will benefit from the wide range of content and activities to “broaden their vision”. Naturally, Hub classmates have full access to the content delivered, often in ‘real time’ through digital broadcasts.

Note: although attendance is compulsory for Long Haul delegates, this sequence (3) is not included in the calculation of graduation marks.

Program Videos

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