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  • 16 November 2020

Hundal Bikramjit, Aerospace MBA, Indian Cohort, 2018, Consultant at BUS Global Consulting

I started my career with Airlines and for the last 2 years I have been in Management Consulting. But I was focused just on one part of the sector. In the Aerospace MBA knowledge transfer, not just from the Faculty but from our peers, is very fluent and one of the biggest contributing factors. I am learning from my colleagues and their duties and jobs in SupplyM, Procurement, Manufacturing… This great portfolio of people coming from different backgrounds provides you with very good insights of the profiles that are present in the Aerospace industry.

Mani Puthan, Aerospace MBA, Indian Cohort, 2018, Operations Director at Unimech

I could talk about all the interesting subjects we learnt… But what it really gave me was the motivation to become an entrepreneur. I had 22 years of experience in the Aerospace industry but none in business. I was afraid of finance, strategy, marketing, but once I joined the program and talked to all the experts and learnt the concepts… I decided to leave my job at the time and become an entrepreneur.

Lei GAO, Aerospace MBA 2017, Director of HR Department – Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology

I experienced a wonderful lifetime during the TBS Aerospace MBA year, and I never regret my own choice. This profoundly unimaginable course gave me an irreplaceable opportunity as a human to surf in the business ocean beyond my expectation. The diversity and multicultural projects provided by the brilliant TBS programme team is an indelible memory. All the people I met during the whole year, the faculties, the staff, the classmates, the visitors, their contributions gave me inspiration now and aspiration for the future. This course made me march faster than Blitzkrieg as for the management skills and the mindset. Particularly, I made great improvements in the research skills through the courses. It helped me a lot on the research work of the convergence between internet and space, by which I got the SIRIUS Award.

Abdelkarim Taissir, Aerospace MBA 2017 – Flight Data Manager at Royal Air Maroc

I encourage pilots to leave their cockpits, learn about and understand other professions in the sector. It is a real opportunity!The Aerospace MBA is a boost for my career, but above all, a completely new way to gain knowledge in an international environment. I finally feel equipped to understand the issues surrounding the sector.

Cansu Sakallioglu, Aerospace MBA 2017 – Reliability Engineer at Pegasus Airlines

As soon as I started working, I knew that I wanted to go further in my studies. My desire grew when I discovered the Aerospace MBA in Toulouse. It was the “airbus dream” that was realized! We discover in depth all the aerospace sectors and we can truly choose what suits us. The immersion in an open and multicultural atmosphere is a great advantage of this course.

SHI Pingyan, Aerospace MBA 2006, Vice President of CAST

I had an amazing and unforgettable Aerospace MBA year. The experience of exchanging ideas with people from diverse cultural backgrounds was truly fascinating because it broadened my way of thinking and showed me what I could call “innovative intelligence”. The combination of core courses done by TBS faculty and the visits from aerospace executives who shared their real-life experiences was an enormous personal enrichment for me. TBS not only provided me with knowledge and analytical skills in business administration, but more importantly it inspired me to analyse the complexities of various business situations and to make appropriate decisions”

Jun MENG, Aerospace MBA 2004, Chairman, President, AVIC Shenyang Liming Aero-Engines

The Aerospace MBA covers all aspects of the aerospace sector, which greatly expanded my personal vision and understanding of the industry. I had the good fortune to secure a three-month internship with Airbus during the Corporate Mission of the MBA, giving me the wonderful opportunity to experience how a world-class company operates. Perhaps one of the greatest treasures which came from the Aerospace MBA was the network of diverse participants who became friends during the year: 27 classmates from 14 different countries around the globe. This in itself was a wealth of knowledge and one of the biggest challenges but we learned and grew together and we understood each other at the end. These memories we will hold forever.

Johan DE-BUCK, Aerospace MBA 2012, Head of Structure Embodiment Resources, AIRBUS

At the time – Feb 2011 – I enrolled in the Aerospace MBA Programme, I was working at the Airbus Customer Services division as “Embodiment Operations Director”; in short, I was managing major aircraft repair projects for the worldwide Airbus fleet. This was quite a fantastic job allowing me working together with a broad variety of people/departments internally Airbus as well as with numerous professionals from Airlines, Aircraft Insurers, Leasing Companies, MRO’s and Aviation Authorities around the globe. That job required a set of in depth technical, commercial and project management skills in order to develop optimum technical and commercial solutions for all parties involved for these, at times, rather complex projects. The highlight was that a great deal of job and customer satisfaction was experienced throughout the numerous projects I was involved in. Going through the Aerospace MBA Programme allowed me to truly broaden and/or develop a vast range of business skills, in particular in the field of Finance and Economics. As a consequence I choose to accept an internship within Airbus Finance in the A320 NEO Development Programme to work out financial models in the frame of the Programme commercial risk mitigation. Again, this was an unexpected opportunity enabled through the AeMBA Programme which turned out to be a mind opening journey in an until then unknown field to me and leading to very satisfying results for both me and the recipient finance department. After graduating top of the class in the 2012 promotion, I was offered through the Airbus Talent & Executive Development department, the position of Executive Assistant to the Head of A350 Programme, Mr. Didier EVRARD. This position brought me directly in contact with the Airbus top management echelon in the frame of Airbus’ top notch A350 XWB aircraft development Programme and it allowed me to unravel the sophisticated way of working at the heart of a world leading aircraft manufacturer. The great thing about this position was that I was able to use a broad variety of skills I had mastered throughout the AeMBA Programme as well as being part of the core team at the very heart of Airbus’ top technology aircraft development programme. It’s clearly fair to state that the AeMBA Programme enabled this great opportunity described above and the career acceleration I experienced shortly after my graduation, for which I am sincerely grateful to both Airbus SAS and Toulouse Business School. I’m sure that the experience of the last 30 months will serve as the primer for my future professional endeavours…”

Xavier Suchocki, Aerospace MBA 2016 – Head of customers managers – Digital services / Connected vehicle, Continental

It’s not only about books, it not only about lecturers, it’s all about people and sharing experiences. We all have different experiences and backgrounds. It’s a multicultural team, it’s a melting pot and we are really a team. I don’t come from Aerospace; I come from the automotive world. The first session was not easy for me, I didn’t have the wording and acronyms, but everyone helped me and I will never forget it. Very often I had to answer why I chose the Aerospace MBA, and it’s because it’s very good to open the window and see what’s happening somewhere else.

Pierre BINET, Aerospace MBA 2016, Data Officer at AIRBUS

I have already a return on investment in my current position. I have already applied part of what I learnt. I am very proud of the improvement of my soft skills: being more self-confident and better working with the others. I think I really opened my possibilities for the future.

Weili WANG, Aerospace MBA 2016 -Area Sales Manager of DERICHEBOURG Atis Aéronautique

I had a lot of different professors from all around the world and we also have professors who work in ATR, Airbus and in different fields, so they were showing a lot of experience by their daily work. The MBA is a good way to explore yourself and expand your knowledge. And I am sure that you will enjoy the life in Toulouse.

Ciro CAMARGO, Aerospace MBA 2003 – Head of Alliances at GOL Airlines

The blending between academia and industry experts enables the program to be unique in its instructing features. Surely, the experience is further enhanced while interacting with fellow students, who are distinctly the most-regarded individuals in their professional fields. There is no doubt that, as a former “aeronautic industry outsider”, the Aerospace MBA opened new doors for me. It is a powerful, well-focused course that ambitious executives should definitely pursue, if they are looking to enter the aviation business.

Yonghui WANG, Aerospace MBA 2002 – China

I think that the MBA program really broadened my vision, accumulated the knowledge, strengthened my ability and competitiveness, and at the same time, established a strong cooperative network worldwide.

Patrick MATHIEU, Aerospace MBA 2003 – Connected Services Senior Manager Programmes & Strategy at Airbus Helicopters

The Aerospace MBA was a real opportunity to exchange with recognized aerospace executives and to learn from the Toulouse Business School education team as well as from the 2003 delegates.
Coming from a consulting company, it was also for me a strong career booster to reach a new position in the Airbus Information Systems Strategy & Governance department.
Last but not least, the Aerospace MBA Alumni is an efficient network allowing me to share experience and to seek advice in my day-to-day business.

Pierre TCHOUKAVOFF, Aerospace MBA 2002 – Senior Captain at Héli Union

My time in the aerospace MBA was a real pleasure. I discovered the aerospace industry the best way and developed an everlasting friendship with brilliant fellows. The academic and professional inputs were outstanding. By the way, it was a real boost in my career as well. Long live the Aerospace MBA program!

Tony VOGT, Aerospace MBA 2001 – USA

The Aerospace MBA was a very valuable experience for me because of the combination of unique aspects that it can offer that other programs cannot.
The foremost benefit for me was the international exposure that this experience provided. Living and studying in France introduced me to a different culture, which illustrated different approaches to dealing with people and situations on both a personal and professional perspective. The Aerospace MBA program further added to the international awareness by bringing together professions from many different countries to work and learn together in team situations. Each student offered their own unique perspective on the aerospace industry based on their unique experiences working in their country. The course material presented also emphasized key issues relative to the many international considerations of the industry.

Another strength of the program was the relevance of the instruction to aerospace professionals. The foundation of the course work centered on the same core subjects that most MBA programs offered. However, the majority of the case studies, examples, and assignments focused on very pertinent topics from the aerospace industry. The workshop and elective courses provided further opportunity to apply the core business training to specific aerospace subjects. Additionally, the collective experience of the students within the aerospace industry added greatly to the learning experience.

The quality of the instructors was another advantage of the Aerospace MBA program. The full-time ESC instructors demonstrated excellent understanding of the core business topics that are essential to an MBA program. What made the program unique was the amount of instruction that came from industry professionals, both from within France as well as from other countries.
This exposure to industry leaders not only gave insight into their respective companies and agencies, but it also helped to establish a network of professional contact worldwide. The willingness of industry to participate in such a way is another testimony to the respect that the Aerospace MBA has gained with the industry.

Luth BOROH, Aerospace MBA 2003 – Indonesia

The Aerospace MBA was a transformational experience that completely changed my professional life for the better. Since this program is attended by international and diverse delegates, one could learn to work in a variety of different culture and environments. Theories and practical experiences were very well conveyed by the aerospace experts throughout the program.
Nevertheless, for me personally, the greatest benefit I got from this program was the good friends that I made. Now I have a world-wide network in the aviation industry that will surely benefit my personal and professional life.

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