Workshop « Voice of a Leader » by Sabyasachi Sengupta – Sept. 25, 2017 – International Immersion Week – TBS Aerospace MBA – GMAE Indian Institute Management Bangalore

Every leader wants to speak with command, authority and confidence. But just being a leader is not enough to get the respect. As a speaker your words should reflect power, body language should depict confidence and your presentation should create impact. When you do the above you can roar like a lion with confidence on stage. In this masterclass Mr. Sabyasachi Sengupta will give participants the tips and tricks on how to structure their thoughts, speak with power and confidence and find their voice like a leader.

Profile of the speaker: Mr. Sabyasachi is an experienced and reputed TEDx speaker in the Netherlands and Europe. Saby has won several awards for public speaking at European and Dutch levels in recent years. Now, he brings his speaking experience to corporations and universities, helping executives and students improve their communication skills. Besides being a storyteller, Saby works for ABN AMRO Bank for last 6 years in Amsterdam.

To know more about him  TEDx Speech – The Art of Networking

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